PCB Art – Scarab by Boldport

This may sound like a strange title but for many years Eurocircuits has been manufacturing PCB Art. What is PCB Art? Simply put it is a PCB’s that stand out from the ordinary and combines art with industrial electronics. We have been working with Saar Drimer (founder of Boldport) an electronic artist for many years. […]

Internet of Things

The Internet of things (IoT) is the Internet connectivity to devices and everyday objects.

An IoT device is something with embedded electronics, Internet connectivity and other types of hardware (such as detectors or controllers).

And these devices can communicate and interact with each other via the Internet.

This makes them easy to monitor and remotely control.

IoT technology has made massive changes to the way we control our everyday household devices such as heating, lighting, security and even home appliances (fridge, freezers etc).

These can now be controlled by smartphones, tablets and PC’s no matter where you are in the world.

The first ever IoT device was a Coke vending machine in 1982.

It was connected to the internet and relayed information on the inventory and whether the drinks were cold or not.

This technology brings great benefits such as, constant monitoring of elderly people living alone. For example, a device could warn carers if the room temperature falls below a safe level.

In medical care for example, it can provide live feedback for those with life threatening illness even when they are at home.

Another example is the door bells with cameras, you’re not home when someone rings your bell but your smartphone rings and you can instantly see and communicate with whoever is there.

There are so many applications for IoT technology that we have only just scratched the surface.

As new IoT devices are being created every day it has initiated a whole new dynamic in the world of electronics development.

The focus now does not lie with creating large systems but in adapting existing systems to connect to the net and communicate with other devices.

This goes from consumer to industrial applications and into Industry 4.0.

This evolution has multiplied the number of new electronic product developments with smaller rather than bigger applications.

They have to be market ready by yesterday and this puts more pressure on the development engineers and their suppliers.

How Does Eurocircuits Help?

We have invested heavily in this trend to support our customers by offering them faster and more dynamic services as below:

  • PCB proto – 3 Working Days Delivery as Standard down from 7 WD in January 2019.
  • STANDARD pool, RF pool and IMS pool – 5 Working Days Delivery as Standard down from 7 WD only 3 weeks ago.
  • DEFINED IMPEDANCE pool – a new service with 5WD Delivery as Standard offering a specific build-up for 50Ω/90Ω specific requirements.

For all of our services we offer our free to use online eC-Smart tools the PCB Visualizer and PCBA Visualizer.

These allow our customers to ensure their layouts are “RIGHT FIRST TIME for MANUFACTURE”.

This has the advantage that your PCB’s are delivered (bare board or populated) “ON TIME” and ‘WITHIN BUDGET”.

Making sure that your project meet your “TIME to MARKET” expectations.





Young Engineers Deliver Innovative Successes

Young Engineers Deliver Innovative Successes

As a new academic year starts the results and successes of the previous year student projects are published with some amazing results.

Eurocircuits has and continues to support what we see as the future Electronic Engineers, helping them to achieve success in multiple innovative projects such as:

  • Electric Vehicles
  • Solar Power
  • Transport
  • Exoskeleton

All the student projects the Eurocircuits support are without doubt a path to the future, whether it be by reducing C02 emissions or harnessing the power of the sun or helping people walk again unaided, they all lead to a better future for all.

This summer (2018), Eurocircuits TV surprised the student teams at the TU Delft Dream Hall with a visit. We met some of the teams and were able to capture some interesting interviews, take look at the video below.

Dutch spoken – English and German subtitles can be activated.

Please take a few minutes to see what other young student engineers have achieved, it’s very impressive, just click here.

For more information about the Eurocircuits program to support Educational Students Projects, please click here.

Should you have any questions about any of our services, please feel free to get in touch via email, telephone or instantly with our online chat during office hours. We will be more than happy to help.

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