eC-reflow-mate has a testing program for the lamps

It is not always clear to the user that the lamps are working well as they do not always need to glow heavily to make a soldering curve work. We therefore included a testing program in the software of the oven that does exactly that. First the top lamps will glow and then the bottom lamps. This way it is very simple for the user to check if the lamps are working well. The test should not take more than a few minutes.

To be able to test anything, we need a PCB being placed in the oven between the two sensors: TOP and BOTTOM.

On the oven display choose the information window and click the ‘TEST’ button.

The test program will start and if all is well the curve will look like this:



Test process:

  1. Top heating 100% power
    Bottom heating 0% power
    Duration: 2 minutes
  1. Top heating 0% power
    Bottom heating 100% power
    Duration: 2 minutes
  • If during the test the operational conditions were correct:
    • Top and Bottom lamps will light up, one after the other
    • Top sensor and PCB sensor will show a similar curve
  • In case one of the sensors cools instead of heats, then it was connected with inverted polarity.
  • If the Top and/or Bottom sensors’ graphs are inconsistent with the PCB sensor, then it may be a sensor fault. First check if the PCB sensor has not lost its connection to the PCB as that may affect the process.

Duration of these tests are 2-2 minutes.


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