Through Hole Technology

This technology describes the mounting of leaded components by inserting the leads into holes that are drilled through the PCB. The soldering of the leads of the component is done on the opposite side of where the component sits.

For Plated through holes the capillary suction effect fills the holes with solder making this a very strong soldering connection.

Since the soldering is done from the opposite side of the component, it is most efficient that all THT components sit on the same side of the board.

Soldering is done with a solder wave machine or with a selective solder wave machine or by hand. Another soldering technique is pin-in-paste. Using this technique, one first needs to print the solder paste on the PCB also for the THT component holes. One than places all components and proceeds through the solder wave oven.

Surface Mount Technology

In this technology, the leads of the components are placed on the surface of the PCB and soldered to copper pads that form a component footprint to fit all leads from the component.

Placement of SMT components goes very fast en the soldering is done in a run through reflow oven.

MIXED Technology

A Mixed component means that it combines both THT and SMT technology through hole and SMD connections to the PCB.

It combines the advantages of the two technologies and is most commonly used for power devices and connectors where the Through Hole leads provide mechanical strength for the part.

PRESS FIT Technology

Press-fit components use solder free technology to connect the part to the bare board. This is mostly used for connectors.

The specially designed leads of these component are pressed into the plated through holes which creates a very strong mechanical joint and good electrical connection.

It is very important that the end diameter of the press-fit holes is in the mid-range of the allowable tolerances as stated by the component manufacturer.

If this is not achieved then the pins will either not go into the holes or the connection will be weak.

Eurocircuits Preferred Component Suppliers and Eurocircuits Generic Parts

You are looking for functionality when deciding on a component. But just as important are the reliability, the solderability and the delivery options of the component. The supplier of the component plays a major role in this.

Over the years Eurocircuits has established an expertise with which component suppliers do well. We have put them in a list of preferred suppliers in order of importance to us.

It can be useful to look for your components among the suppliers in this list.

Generic parts. In order to give us maximum flexibility in finding the right and cheapest electronics parts for you, it is advisable to define as many generic parts as possible in your BOM list. You can find our list of generic resistors and capacitors here.

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