Finding the right components with the right functionality is critical for your design, but that also means finding the component suppliers and this is where Eurocircuits can help.

Since the launch of our Assembly service we have invested heavily in finding the right type of component suppliers that not only offer the range of components that our customers need, but ones that provide timely delivery and quality components.

From this we have created our Preferred Component Supplier list and have developed strong working relationships with them all to ensure the best possible component supply chain for our Assembly service.

Below are the logos of all our preferred component suppliers and during the development and component selection for your design we would encourage you to look to them for your components if you are planning to use our Assembly service.

We have also introduced our Component Reservation service, this allows our customers to pre-order components so that they are available when the PCBs are ready for our Assembly service.

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In order to give us maximum flexibility in finding the right and cheapest electronics parts for you, it is advisable to define as many generic parts as possible in your BOM list. You can find our list of generic resistors and capacitors here: