Here you can find the Electronic Student Projects that Eurocircuits supports.

TU Delft Hyperloop Blog 1 - Featured Image

Introducing Delft Hyperloop VII

Running Snail - Featured Image

Running Snail Racing Team


munichMotorsport e.V. – Season 2022

Solar Team Twente in their 10th Edition

AMZ Racing – The Castor

Solar Boat Twente in 2022-2023

URE Blog 1 - Featured Image

University Racing Eindhoven – The URE17

UAS Racing Blog 1 - Featured Image

Zurich UAS Racing

Engineers of Innovation Blog 1 - Featured Image

Engineers of Innovation – The Solar Boat Battery

RoboTeam Twente – Season 2022-2023

e-Tech Racing Blog 1 - Featured Image

e-Tech Racing – Revolutionising Electric Vehicles with Eurocircuits

Engineers of Innovation Blog 1 - Featured Image

Engineers of Innovation – The Solar Boat Project

TU Delft - DUT 23 - Featured Image

Formula Student Team Delft – DUT 23

Team Roboticus Blog 2 - Featured Image

Team Roboticus – RobocupJunior Champions

Hyperloop UPV Featured Image

Hyperloop UPV – The Auran

Magnecko from ETH Zurich

Cure Mannheim – “Emma”


Técnico Solar Boat – Electronics behind the boat

Top Dutch Solar Racing in 2023

Brunel Solar Team


Team Roboticus


Lions Racing Team e.V.

Formula Electric Belgium in 2022-2023


UPBracing Team – 2022 Season

Bern Racing Team – Season 22-23 with Nebula

ARUS Blog 1 - Featured Image

Andalucia Racing Team (ARUS)

Project March 2022-2023 Blog 1 - Featured Image



Joanneum Racing Graz – What Comes Next?


FS Vitoria – The 22/23 Season

Green Team Twente in 2022

Agoria Solar Team in 2022

FSV - Featured Image

Formula Student Vitoria in 2022

Rennschmiede Pforzheim RSP22 Amber - Featured Image

Rennschmiede Pforzheim – The RSP22 Amber

TU Delft Hydro Motion Team in 2022

Solar Boat Twente in 2022

Space Society Twente in 2022


RoboTeam Twente in 2022

Swissloop in 2022

HAN Solarboat Blog2 - Featured Image

HAN Solarboat in 2022

FST Lisboa Blog2 Featured Image V2

FST Lisboa in 2022

Ferenc Móra Collage - Social Media - English

Ferenc Móra Collage for Advanced Studies


Dynamis PRC – The 2022 Season

PWR Racing Team – The 2021/2022 Season

DART Racing Team – The 2022 Season

Formula Student Team Delft – The DUT22

University Racing Eindhoven – The URE16

Joanneum Racing Graz Featured Image

What did Joanneum Racing Graz achieve in 2022?


Formula Electric Belgium – Titan


BCN eMotorsport – CAT14x


Hanze Racing Division and their driverless electric race car

Liu Formula Student Featured Image

LiU Formula Student: Summary of 2021-2022

Elefant Racing Bayreuth 2022

Liu Formula Student Featured Image

Objectives of LiU Formula Student 2021-2022

TU Delft Hydro Motion Team


TU/ecomotive from TU Eindhoven


Project March and Eurocircuits 2022


ISEL Formula Student 2022

VUB Racing: Buckconverter and current sensors

UC Louvain Featured Image

UC Louvain: Robotix Contest

FSV - Featured Image

Formula Student Vitoria

UC Louvain Featured Image

UC Louvain – Jurassic Bot

VUB Racing Featured Image

VUB Racing: BMS Board and KiCad


TUfast Racing Team Munich

The Eco-Runner XII Wins the Eco-Marathon

G-Mini at the CanSat Final

TH Aschaffenburg Featured Image

A Partnership Between TH Aschaffenburg and Eurocircuits


Top Dutch Solar Racing’s Collaboration with Eurocircuits

Global Formula Racing supported by Eurocircuits


Spacehopper – MCU Board

Miskolc Featured Image

Formula Racing Miskolc

The PCBs of BCN eMotorsport

Solar Boat Team Twente 21-22 Featured Image

Solar Boat Twente: Make the Maritime Industry more Sustainable



Swissloop – Lineair Motors for Hyperloop


RoboTeam Twente 2021-2022

Engineers of Innovation 2022


FST Lisboa 2022

G-Mini – Ejecting Sub-Cans to collect more Data

H-Bridges Featured Image

H-Bridges: The Cooperation with Eurocircuits


SpaceHopper – ETH Zürich


Eurocircuits and Project March VII

Lions Racing Team

H-Bridges Featured Image

H-Bridges 2021-2022


Solar Boat Twente 2021-2022

Eco-Runner Team Delft ’21/’22


Climate Stories Featured Image

Climate Stories: visualising air quality with Eurocircuits PCBs

HAN Solarboat

Delta Racing Mannheim Featured Image

Delta Racing Mannheim

Joanneum Racing Graz Featured Image

Joanneum Racing Graz’ cooperation with Eurocircuits

UPBracing Team


University Racing Eindhoven 2021-2022

Formula Electric Belgium 21-22 Featured Image

Formula Electric Belgium – Green Innovations meets Performance


Hydrogen Innovations of Green Team Twente


Dynamis PRC – First Season (2021) with Electric Car in Competition


Formula Student Team Delft in collaboration with Eurocircuits

Formula Student Racecar from DART – Technical University Darmstadt


Space Society Twente – Team AzimUT


Swissloop – General Control Board

Elefant Racing Bayreuth


EPFL Spacecraft Team – CHESS

Rennschmiede Pforzheim – First Electric Vehicle for Formula Student


The Adventures of RoboTeam Twente – 2020/2021


Formula Student Team Delft – DUT 21


Swissloop – Levitation

Solar Team Eindhoven – House on Wheels


Formula Electric Belgium

Técnico Solar Boat


Project March and Eurocircuits


Newsletter Sept 2021 – 10 Rules for Better Data


LiU Formula Student – PCB Solutions


UC Louvain Eurobot – Circuits of Eurobot

Agoria Solar Team

VUB Racing Telemetry


CanSat Team Torus: Second laureate in the Belgian CanSat finale

Cage of Thoughts – Fontys

ISEL Formula Student


University Racing Eindhoven

Solar Team Twente unveils radically new solar car: “Entire powertrain revised”


Eco-Runner Team Delft – The Eco-Runner XI


FST Lisboa – 10d Low Voltage Battery Management System’s PCB Manufacturing

LiU Formula Student


AzimUT from Space Society Twente


Etseib Motorsport Barcelona

Hanze Racing Division – PCB Design in HARD

TU Delft Hyperloop


CanSat Team TORUS: Using a variable Parachute to Influence descent Velocity


ARUS – Andalucía Racing Team


DARE – The Stratos IV Rocket


Top Dutch Solar Racing


FST Lisboa – The Proces Of Prototyping A PCB


Solar Team Twente – Design three-wheeled solar car


Dynamis PRC – Formula Student Team


Project March VI – Exoskeleton


Phidippides – Shell Eco-Marathon


Swissloop Pod – Electronics of the Pod


TU Delft Solar Boat Team – Technical Blog


This is how Design for Manufacturing (DFM) works


Lancaster E-Racing – Electronic Design


InMotion LMP3 Micro-ECU


Formula Cruisers Season 20/21


Swissloop Pod – Simona de Silvestro


Eco-Runner Team Delft – Electronics and PCBs


Formula Electric Belgium


Solar Boat Twente

VUB Racing – Built Not Bought


Back to Walk – Developing Exoskeletons

Formula Student Team Delft Featured Image

Formula Student Team Delft – DUT19

Delft Hyperloop IV

Green Team Twente 2020

Agoria European Solar Car Champsions

Belgian Solar Car wins European Championship

e-Mobility Student Project

Solar-Boat Team 2020 Featured Image

TU Delft Solar Boat Team – 2020

Solar Team Eindhoven – The brain of Stella Era

TU Delft Solar Boat Team – update 27-07-2020

TU Delft Eco-Runner Team – update 24-07-2020

Formula Student Bizkaia – Stay at Home

InMotion – LMP-3

The Formula Cruisers

Making Critical Medical Equipment

Forschung für die Zukunft

Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering – Students in Space

Formula Racing Miskolc

Agoria Solar Team – Bridgestone World Solar Challenge Winners

Delft – Project MARCH IV – Feb 2020 Update

Delft Silverwing – S1

Formula Student Team Delft – Racing with Eurocircuits PCBs inside.

Linköping Formula Students

ARUS – Andalucía Racing with Eurocircuits PCBs

Formula Student Bizkaia – FSB2019

RoboTeam Twente – 2018/19 Update

PWR Racing Team – RTX

ETSEIB MotorSport – CAT12E

Delft – Project MARCH IV – Update

Agoria Solar Team

Green Team Twente

Oscar Romero College – Rubiks Cube Solving Robot

Delft Hyperloop – Atas 02

Hogeschool Rotterdam – Platta

Tenfore Road Arrow – Electric Arrow

Centaurus Racing Team

TU Delft Solar Boat

Delft – Project MARCH IV

Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering – Shooting for Space

Nova Electric Racing – Supported by Eurocircuits

RoboTeam Twente – The PCB’s in our Robots

Supporting the Academic Motorsport Club Zurich

Young Engineers Deliver Innovative Successes

Young Engineers Deliver Innovative Successes As a new academic year starts the results and successes of the previous year student projects are published with some amazing results. Eurocircuits has and continues to support what we see as the future Electronic Engineers, helping them to achieve success in multiple innovative projects such as: Electric Vehicles Solar […]

ETSEIB Motorsport Barcelona with Eurocircuits PCBs

Electric Superbike Twente – Eurocircuits boards traveling at high speed.

swissloop – The pod Mujinga & Team

swissloop – pod Mujinga with Eurocircuits PCBs inside

Formula Electric Belgium – Safety Indicators

Formula Electric Belgium – Battery Management & Safety

Engineers of Innovation – Project Solar Boat

Project MARCH III: A deep dive into exoskeleton electronics

Project March III – Students of the Delft University of Technology present a new exoskeleton!

Innovation through learning

Innovation through learning For more than 15 years Eurocircuits has supported European Electronic Engineering students, helping to complete innovative projects. These projects cover many different topics including Rocket Engineering, Telemetry, Electric powered Racing Cars and Exoskeletons. Our goal is to support and develop “Innovation Through Learning” by continuing to technically support students and their projects. […]

TU Delft Hyperloop team explains the PCBs in their POD

Students of Université Catholique de Louvain competing in the EUROBOT competition.

Belgrade Formula Student Team “Road Arrow” believes in their chances.

Studenten TU Delft onthullen nieuwste Hyperloop voor snelheidscompetitie

Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering of TU Delft – Make Stratos III Fly!

Innovation & Networking Night 1.0

Eurocircuits supports the AmsterGramme team at Eurobot

Formula Electric Belgium – own telemetry unit with Eurocircuits’ PCBs

WUSAT-3 team moving one step closer to the European space station.

PWR Racing Team of the Wroclaw University of Technology – more friends of Eurocircuits

Formula Electric Belgium – own electronic control unit with Eurocircuits’ PCBs

Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering or DARE !

Durham University Electronic Motorsport with Eurocircuits PCBs

Université de Liège – département d’Electricité, Electronique et Informatique Institut Montéfiore – supported by Eurocircuits

Eurocircuits backs Road Arrow Team of the Belgrade University

Eurocircuits sponsors the Centaurus Racing Team

Aristurtle team (Aristotle University Racing Team Electric) sponsored by Eurocircuits

Eurocircuits backs Aristotle Racing Team

Eurocircuits backs Formula Electric Belgium

Eurobot contestant Engineering School HELMo Gramme in Liège is banking on Eurocircuits PCBs

Project MARCH – students of TU Delft make people walk again.

Punch Powertrain Solar Team – meets Eurocircuits

Formula Student Team Delft

Linköpings University Formula Student

University of Patras Racing Team

Chronox – a student project from University College PXL

Eurocircuits’ PCBs in the most efficient urban concept hydrogen car of Green Team Twente

TU Delft Solar Boat Team – sponsored by Eurocircuits

Hi there! In this BLOG, I will explain how the electronic hardware development (PCB’s) is done by the electronics engineers of the Solar Boat Team. Our team is building a boat on solar energy, which operates as efficient as possible. For this purpose, we use hydrofoils, which can lift the boat out of the water. […]

STORM Eindhoven – an interesting and successful student project

Eurocircuits get to see the 1st year of design for WUSAT 3

Eurocircuits – loyal sponsors of the Herkules Racing Team of the University of Kassel

The toughest race in the world – and Eurocircuits were there to help support Durham University Electric Motorsport through it.

Eurocircuits supports IET activity at Peakcamp 2015

Eurocircuits as sponsor of the Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering

Eurocircuits as loyal long term sponsor of GROUP T’s formula student team

Eurocircuits involved in a project that is out of this world: WUSAT

Eurocircuits as sponsor of RCVA Robot Concept Ville d’Avray

Eurocircuits supports the formula student team of the University of Munich

Eurocircuits supports the formula student team of Bizkaia University

Eurocircuits as sponsor of UCL at Eurorobot.