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Dear Student Team,

Eurocircuits is fully committed to helping and supporting European electronics student teams with their Electronic Project during their academic careers. After all they are the future of the European electronics industry.

Today, students can set up a specific legal entity to run their educational projects and are effectively being managed as a real business.

Eurocircuits seeks to form a WIN-WIN partnership with these entities by supplying the bare or assembled PCBs for the project and purchasing advertisement from the Team in return.

Let’s have fun making electronics with future engineers!

Kind regards and good luck,

Dirk Stans
Managing Partner


PCB and Assembly Services

Eurocircuits is willing to support student teams by delivering the PCBs, bare board or assembled, to finish their project. Because student teams can set up a legal entity to run their project, they can be managed as a real business and place orders with Eurocircuits as a business customer. How does this work? The team starts by creating a Customer account and sending in an application to file for student support. Once the application is approved and the budget is established, the team can start ordering. The order will be invoiced and paid by the team accordingly. Afterwards, Eurocircuits purchases advertisement and publicity to the value of the agreed budget and reinvoices the value of the orders back to the student team. In this way, Eurocircuits receives more exposure and added value to post on their social media channels in return for supporting the student teams by delivering PCBs.

Workshops and Webinars given by Eurocircuits

Eurocircuits is willing to give a workshop and/or webinar to further support the team in realising their electronic project or learning more about electronics in general. Feel free to make your own request about a subject or check our list of possible subjects below. List of possible subjects:

  • How to use our online Visualizer and editing Tools.
  • How we make a 4-layer PCB.
  • PCB Soldering.
  • The perfect design flow: from CAD to CAM.
  • ……

How to Create a Student Team Account?

If you already ordered from us, we ask that you use the same account you used before.

If you are not sure about the login details of the account or a problem occurs, please contact Patricia Vander Slaghmolen for more information.

More information about how to manage your account can be found here.

To create a new account, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Sign In/Register button on our homepage.
    Sign In Register Button
  2. Fill in your personal details in the sign up fields and click the Sign Up button.
    Sign Up form
  3. Verify your email address.
    Verify your email
  4. Complete Step 2 of our registration process to complete your registration.
    Note – Select Student team.
    Student Team Registration Step 2
  5. After completing all the steps above and you have clicked on the submit button at the bottom of the form, a window will open in your account.
    Student Team Account
  • Your Student Team account will ONLY be approved once your ID has been verified and you have completed the delivery and invoice addresses correctly.

How to apply for Student Team Support?

Step One – Establish a Budget

Establish a budget for the bare or assembled PCBs you require for your project.

This can easily be done by using the Eurocircuits Online Calculator. More information about how to calculate and order can be found here.

Send this detailed budget to Patricia Vander Slaghmolen including a description of the Teams’ project and ambitions.

Upon receiving this email, she will call you to discuss this budget (amount in Euros excluding VAT) and the details needed to create a partnership-agreement.

Step  Two – Deliver Partnership-agreement and Contact Details

You will receive an email containing a first proposal for a partnership-agreement and a form for the team to complete with all the details about the Teams’ legal entity and relevant contact details.

Please return this as soon as possible.

Step Three – Order your PCB

Your team is now able to use its online Eurocircuits customer account like any other Eurocircuits customer.

Using the Eurocircuits account, the Team processes their data through the online Visualizer tool ensuring that it meets the Eurocircuits manufacturing criteria.

If the design meets the criteria, it can be checked out and ordered.

Important Note – To support the Team, Eurocircuits purchases advertisement and publicity to the value of the agreed budget. This amount cannot be higher than the total amount of PCBs that have been bought by the Team and can also not be higher than the budget (amount in Euro excluding VAT).


Once your order has been delivered you will receive an invoice from Eurocircuits for the full amount of the delivered PCBs (including assembly if ordered).

Invoicing for Advertisement and Publicity

Eurocircuits buys all its advertisement through its marketing agency S.M.A. NV.

All invoices from the from the Student Team legal entity should be addressed to:

S.M.A. NV,
Tennislaan 1,
2400 MOL,

For the attention of Dirk Stans.

Invoices should contain the following information:

Invoices from a Belgian Legal entity:

  • Full Name and address for S.M.A. NV, as above.
  • This VAT number – BE 0473.094.338.
  • Description – “Publicity for project (team name) – Academic year (e.g. 2022-2023)”.
  • Full name and address of legal entity.
  • Legal entity VAT number (if one available).
  • Bank details for payment.

Invoices from a EU Legal entity other than Belgium:

  • Full Name and address for S.M.A. NV, as above.
  • This VAT number – BE 0473.094.338.
  • It should have the following statement “Reverse charge service due to inner EU invoicing”.
  • Description – “Publicity for project (team name) – Academic year (e.g. 2022-2023)”.
  • Full name and address of legal entity.
  • Bank details for payment.

Invoices from a non-EU Legal entity:

  • Full Name and address for S.M.A. NV, as above.
  • This VAT number – BE 0473.094.338.
  • Description – “Publicity for project (team name) – Academic year (e.g. 2022-2023)”.
  • Full name and address of legal entity.
  • Bank details for payment.

Advertisement and Publicity Required by Eurocircuits

The minimum requirements as described in the Partnership Agreement:


The Team writes two blogs in English throughout the year about the Teams project (technical) in cooperation with Eurocircuits and the Teams adventure with their project (including pictures and/or videos). These will be published on the Eurocircuits’s websites.

Note – All blogs will be published on the Eurocircuits’s websites and on the Eurocircuits’s social media platforms. In the Eurocircuits’s Newsletter they are mentioned and linked in a dedicated section of the Newsletter, providing a lot of exposure for the Team.

Eurocircuits Logo

The student adds the Eurocircuits logo + text ‘A PCB from’ in top or bottom silkscreen layers on all orders.

The Eurocircuits logo can be added on your PCB’s by making use of our Marking Editor.

The Eurocircuits logo is available as a feature and does not have to be uploaded.

Just click on it as indicated in the image on the right and the EC-logo will appear on your PCB.

You can then move it to the position of your choice.

If you are looking for our logo you can find it here.

You can find more information about Eurocircuits here.

Other actions we are interested in:
  • Eurocircuits company presentation in the partner section.
  • An article about Eurocircuits and/or its services in the team newsletter.
  • The Eurocircuits logo on partner poster.
  • Posting news about the cooperation with Eurocircuits on the Teams social media (twitter/facebook/linkedin/etc.…).
  • The student follows our EC social media:
    linkedin-logo fb-logo Twitter_Icon youtube-logo-full-color
  • Eurocircuits logo on the Team clothing (t-shirt/polo/jacket).
  • Eurocircuits logo sticker on the vehicle (car/boat/motorcycle/rocket/robot/drone/product/etc.…).
  • Eurocircuits logo in press presentations.
  • Mentioning Eurocircuits in Team presentations.
  • Eurocircuits logo in the Team banner.

Important Note

The terms and conditions may vary depending upon your country.