Eurocircuits’ eC-test-mate has been developed to provide a functional test solution for populated prototype PCBs without the time and cost needed to prepare test fixtures.

The hardware comprises a docking station and 3 hand-held test-heads, each containing 21 test pins and the hardware for a specific range of tests.

The designer integrates the eC-test-mate footprints into his PCB layout, and writes his test program using the eC-my-test software, a powerful scripting language based around standard test commands.

To test the board, the user simply plugs the test-head into its footprint and runs the test.

When the design goes into volume production, the footprints provide a clear, single-sided location for a conventional fixture on production test equipment.

eC-test-mate can test: UART, CAN, RS-485, I2C, PWM, Analog IO, Digital IO, Frequency – measurement, Power supplies, USB connection and all of this using a micro footprint and no connector.

With eC-test-mate you can economically test what was not testable before. With eC-test-mate, “NOT TESTING” is no option anymore.


The eC-test-mate approach

eC-test-mate features a choice of 3 hand-held test heads with integrated hardware.

Each test head contains 21 test pins which link directly to the PCB. One push on the test head button locks it onto the PCB.

Now run your tests.

Press the button a second time to release the PCB. The test head is now ready for the next board. The eC-my-test testing software runs on your PC, connected via a USB port to the eC-test-mate.


eC-my-test – the easiest software to make test scripts

The eC-test-mate is complemented by the eC-my-test software.

This is based on a powerful scripting language with standard test commands such as setting and reading analog and digital in- and outputs and power supply control Industry standard communication interfaces such as UARTs, CAN, RS-485 and I2C systems are supported as well.


Starter Kit – getting started the easy way!

Get your eC-test-mate up and running in 30 minutes. Use our Starter Kit which consists of a populated demo PCB and corresponding test scripts. Jump into the world of testing the easy way!

The Starter Kit-PCB and the corresponding eC-my-test Test Scripts give you a first idea of the design and structure of the program. We strongly advise to purchase this Starter Kit for it will help you understand the software in a short period of time.

The Starter Kit is designed to learn the functionality of the eC-test-mate and eC-my-test software in a short period of time and it provides the necessary footprint to connect it to Test Head T1.

The Starter Kit comes with an example test suite that uses most of the functionality of Test Head T1, such as the Power Supply, analog in- and outputs, digital in- and outputs, the UART and PWM. After the set-up, you have a full functioning test example available, on which you can build your own solution.