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Eurocircuits uses cross sections as part of its quality control

Cross sections are a power tool that ensures high quality production and products.

Preparation of a cross section is a destructive process, a section of the production panel is cut out, in most cases a specially designed Test coupon is used (these are placed on every panel).

The removed section is mounted in a special jig and encased in resin, an automated system then grinds and polishes the surface until the actual section to be inspected is visible.

Using high powered microscopes our quality department inspect a variety of features, for a plated through hole the plating thickness, plating uniformity and drill alignment would be checked and measured. For an Outer layer the copper track width, plating thickness and uniformity would be checked and measured. If solder mask is present the thickness and uniformity of it would be measured.

Eurocircuits recently introduced via filling. Cross sections were used in the initial set up to ensure the process provided consistent and high quality results.

Cross sections can be taken at any step of the production cycle and is a critical part of the Eurocircuits quality procedures and it enables us to provide our customers with high quality products time and time again.

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