What makes our race car unique?

During the nine years of our existence we made eight race cars (plus one project for the first season). The newest one – RT08 – is the car, which helped us achieve the most. Being equipped with an internal combustion engine resulted in competing in the most popular class of Formula Student series. That helped us in winning not only individual competitions, but even entire Formula Student events (like FSAE Italy). Our car ended the season being known as one of the fastest in the Acceleration category.

We wouldn’t be able to achieve that without our engine (which has been brought to the heights of its capabilities by our Powertrain team), aerodynamic package (so light, that our competitors had been joking about it being made from cardboard), chassis and suspension, which was designed and made almost entirely in our team garage.

During the development of the RT08, our team decided, to pay more attention to the electronics of the car. We made a completely new custom wiring harness. But the RT08 is also equipped telemetry, which massively helped us during the whole season.

After a big success with our dedicated electronics, the team decided to go even further this season. RT09 (which is currently being built) will be equipped with wireless manageable telemetry (every team member will be able to monitor data from the car from any point of the world) and even more custom solutions such as CAN bus with plug-and-play support for any sort of sensors (also connected wireless).

All of this wouldn’t be possible without partners such as Eurocircuits. Within Poland we could not find partners to manufactur such complicated and durable circuits. Every shop that we have been in touch with said that it’s impossible to make electronic boards with such a high level of accuracy.

About us

PWR Racing Team started as small and unknown Student’s Society on Wroclaw University of Technology. Now it has become one of the biggest student project on the whole campus. It is the oldest and most successful Formula Student team in Poland.

Thanks to our University administration and partners we are able to build a new car every year and compete with it on the most known tracks in Europe. Every member of our team is responsible for a certain part of the car – this approach helps us to make progress every season. Team members get to know everything about their part, resulting in continuous development of their knowledge.

PWr-logoOur main goal is not so much to be the fastest team on the grid. We’re always trying to be better and smarter persons. Which of course results in building faster and faster cars, but that is just the result of it.

Marcel Dudek, e-mail Marcel, wybrzeże Stanisława Wyspiańskiego 27, 50-370 Wrocław, Poland

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