Update 24-07-2020

Hi There, all our hard work is finally paying off.

When the Shell Eco-marathon competition 2020 got cancelled in March, Eco-Runner Team Delft promised you that we would continue to perform, regardless of the limitations put upon us by COVID-19 and the Dutch government. After a period of strict quarantine, our engineers started working in pairs of two in order to finalise the production of the Eco-Runner X.

In the meantime our board, together with the board of HAN Hydromotive (HAN University of Applied Sciences) and the board of Green Team Twente (TU Twente), began preparations for the organisation of an alternative competition, the Hydrogen Endurance Race. Unfortunately, a week before the race Green Team Twente, the team which had won the SEM Drivers’ World Championship, announced that their vehicle was not up to their racing standards, and that they would therefore not participate in the self-organised competition. On the 2nd and 3rd of July, the Hydrogen Endurance Race finally took place on a racing track in Rijswijk, where Eco-Runner Team Delft raced against HAN Hydromotive, who had placed third in the SEM 2019.

The two teams were given three attempts to drive 10 laps of each 1.5 km within 35 minutes, as efficiently as possible. These parameters translate to an average driving speed of 25 km/h. The vehicles had to come to a full stop after each lap in order to simulate an urban driving situation. After each attempt, the hydrogen consumption was measured by a third party in order to ultimately crown one of the vehicles as the most efficient hydrogen-powered city car. During our best attempt, we set a score of 2506,6 km/kg H2, a score which made us clear winners of the Hydrogen Endurance Race! Our team is super proud of its achievements and the Eco-Runner X’s capabilities. We could not have done this without your support. We consider our partners essential for Eco-Runner Team Delft’s successes.

Check out the Hydrogen Endurance Race aftermovie

But that’s not all: we are also so proud to announce that Eco-Runner Team Delft has won the Vehicle Design Award of the Shell Eco-marathon Off-Track Awards 2020. Apart from transitioning the project from the Prototype class, we created the best Urban Concept vehicle of Shell Eco-marathon!

“Facing tough competition, our winning team used simulation work to improve their aerodynamic efficiency and weight optimisation. Plus, their selection of components and integration of autonomous technologies gave them an extra edge when it came to improving their on-track performance.”

Check out Shell’s announcement of the Vehicle Design award here.

We now look forward to putting the Eco-Runner X’s aerodynamic efficiency up against Green Team Twente in HAN Hydromotive on the 28th of July!

Please stay tuned.

Kind Regards,

TU Delft Eco-Runner Team
Antonios Kouzelis | Team Manager
+ 31 (0) 15 278 91 33
Stevinweg 1 | 2628CN | Delft | The Netherlands
a.kouzelis@ecorunner.nl | www.ecorunner.nl

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