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Electronic components are increasingly difficult or even sometimes impossible to source. The only way to help overcome this situation is to use our Parts Reservation service. See our article below.

Even with these challenges our production will continue throughout the summer and our customer support team will be available and ready to help when you need them.

We wish you a relaxing and enjoyable summer.

Enjoy reading.

Surviving shortages together – We can only get ahead together

Every day, new reports appear in the press about the worldwide shortage of electronic components and raw materials. The economy speaks of resources allocation.

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Enjoy the summer while we produce your boards.

We are open all summer to manufacture and assemble your prototypes and small series PCBs. Here you can find our current delivery times.

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Tool of the month: Marking Editor

id you know that you can easily place and view individual texts, QR codes, order numbers or UL marks on your PCB with us? This is how it works.

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Submitting a PCB – The cool off period and other techniques

With the data release PPA before the start of production at the PCB manufacturer, PCB designers can ensure that everything is correct.

With Eurocircuits Preproduction Approval you can check your PCB design data before it is released for manufacture and ensure it is “Right First Time”.

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PCB Designer Tip – Designing and placing fiducials

Fiducials are markings used as reference points during the PCB manufacturing and assembly processes. The subject is more complex than it first appears. Here are a few tips.

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Plating Index: Our tips for good copper balance

Good copper balance promotes uniform metallisation during the PCB manufacturing process and prevents bow and twist of the PCB.

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