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Perhaps you have asked yourself: Why are printed circuit boards green? We have the answer.

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Why are PCBs Green?

The most commonly used base material for printed circuit boards is FR4 and is made from an epoxy resin and glass fiber. Epoxy resin is a light, almost transparent matt yellow colour which deepens with increasing thickness. The printed circuit board, on the other hand, is a rich green colour.

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Need your PCBs before Christmas: Don’t miss the last shipment of 2021!

Every year we take a break over the Christmas period and 2021 will be no exception. If you need your PCBs before Christmas or for when you return to work in the New Year, please make sure you order them in time.

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Tool of the Month: PCB Calculator

Within seconds, our interactive web tool, the PCB Calculator can determine the prices for your PCBs. You can decide between a quick calculation with or without data. The step-by-step instructions are available here.

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The Design Classic: Drilled Holes and Annular Rings

Drill holes and annular rings are where design and manufacturing worlds meet. In practice, we have two diameters for the plated-through hole: the actual drill diameter (TOOLSIZE) and the finished hole diameter (ENDSIZE).

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Carbon Contacts: Printing Process and Design Rules

Keyboard contacts, sliders or resistors can be printed by the PCB manufacturer directly on the metallic surfaces of the PCB or on the surface of the base material. We explain the process and show what to look out for when designing for carbon contacts.

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Dirk Stans speaks at the 1st World Ethical Electronics Forum

At the 1st World Ethical Electronic Forum (WEEF), experts from various fields discussed what ethical behaviour means for companies and which guidelines, structures and concepts promote fair play in the electronics industry.

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