This may sound like a strange title but for many years Eurocircuits has been manufacturing PCB Art.

What is PCB Art?

Simply put it is a PCB’s that stand out from the ordinary and combines art with industrial electronics.

We have been working with Saar Drimer (founder of Boldport) an electronic artist for many years.

His designs push the boundaries of where we thought our manufacturing limitations were.

Working with Saar has helped us to improve our manufacturing techniques. It also allows our engineers to have some fun and show what is really possible in an industrial production facility.

Saar’s latest project is called Scarab and is designed to look like a beetle, below is the initial sketch and the final product.

SCARAB: Interview with mastermind Saar Drimer from Eurocircuits on Vimeo.

See also ‘Why working together works for us both’ written by Saar Drimer in 2017.

For more information on Boldport simply click here.