260917_2Eurocircuits’ dream to offer all electronic designers full PCBA prototype services.

Since the beginning of our companies’ existence, Eurocircuits is fully committed to the electronic designer community. This means that we follow their needs to be able to deliver prototypes and small series to their customers “right first time”, on time and in budget.

Over the years this resulted in the extensive PCB offer we have online, in eC-equipment for prototype assembly we offer and now in full PCBA services in our own factory and through accredited Eurocircuits EMS partners.

Rome was not built in one day and neither was this. We gave ourselves two years for realising this project. Check our time line here.

Optimum design flow



During 2016, our development team built the back bone for extending our PCB Visualizer to the assembly part.

In the mean time our marketing team tested the idea of integrating DFM for PCB and PCBA in one system offered by one supplier and this online.

We presented this idea on various events and to several customers. The response was very positive and we could feel the need for tools that can help achieve things “right first time”.


2017 January

January 2017 was an important and proud moment for Eurocircuits. We launched the PCBA Visualizer to our electronic designer customers and at the same time used our new communication platform, Eurocircuits TV.

PCBA Visualizer is the natural extension of the well established PCB Visualizer. Using both free online tools in the Eurocircuits’ online customer account, our customers can combine the DFM analyses of their bare board with that of the assembly of the board. Thus finding production show stoppers even before any order is issued.


2017 April

After the launch of PCBA Visualizer we went through a beta testing phase. With the help of many customers we managed to get the PCBA Visualizer process running in meaningful way.

The BOM-editor and CPL-editor were beginning to function without BUGs and the PCBA Visualizer was growing to become a valuable DFM tool.

Changes to the software and how to use it efficiently were explained by our head of development, Wim and this again using Eurocircuits TV.

2017 Summer

Over the Summer we opened up the PCBA service to a selected group of customers in the UK, Hungary and France. Making real life experience with real PCBA orders made it possible to optimise the business flow and to fine tune PCBA Visualizer. User guide here.

As suspected from the beginning it is the Eurocircuits Verified component data base which will be the key success factor to have a smooth flow of the orders through the business process. BOM-analyses and mainly the searching for the right component is the major time consuming factor in the flow.

Over the months our Indian team of engineers worked hard filling the Eurocircuits Verified component data base with relevant information so that BOM-analyses speeds up considerably.

In the mean time our production plant Eurocircuits Eger kft was gearing up to cope with assembling prototypes using the orders of these beta customers as test cases.

260917_22017 September 26

We are launching our PCBA services to the markets UK and Ireland which will be our pilot markets.

With our mailing of 26-09-2017 we invite people to check out our new PCBA services and come and visit us during the Electronic Design Show in Coventry, UK, where we can explain more in detail what we can do for them.

Unfortunately our mailing was sent to all our European customers, which was not our intention, as the services will only be launched on all markets, January 2018. We need Q4-2017 to prepare as well as possible hence our choice to work with one pilot market.


Launch our PCBA services to all markets using Eurocircuits online Visualizer tools and the manufacturing services of our EMS partner network and our own factory to fulfil as many PCBA prototype and small series orders as possible “right first time”, on time and in budget.