Update 27-07-2020

Hi There, our team sends you an update in these busy summer weeks. We are continuing to work on our project throughout the summer and are enthusiastically looking forward to the moment that our hydrofoiling solar boat is finally performance ready!


During the last testing day we successfully sailed on the hull and thus solved our driveline challenges with a new design of the integration of the gears in the full system. At this moment the roll control is being fine tuned. In this control loop the front hydrofoils can move independently from each other, hence they can generate a different amount of lift. This ensures that the boat can sail and fly stable and is agile in making turns. Attached a video in which this process of finetuning is clearly visible: Roll Control Finetuning Video

The next test will be the first fly test. Then it is key that the height control works optimally. This is done by finding the right reaction time for the hydrofoils to react for changing the angle of attack and by improving the damping characteristics. Meanwhile, we also finished the production of the hydrofoils and the solar panels have been soldered and laminated. Lastly, as the most fragile part, they will be assembled on the deck and integrated with the electrical systems. Finally, the race simulation training for the pilot and the team will take place such that we will perform optimally and ensure our win!

Race and partner event

Unfortunately all races of the Solar Sport One Competition are cancelled. In order to ensure a good closure for our year, we want to organise a small-scale race with a few other teams. This will take place on Monday 17 August 2020 on the Ketelmeer (Flevoland). Unfortunately we cannot officially invite spectators due to the Corona restrictions, but we will do our very best to live stream the race and to publish it!

Also we want to organise a partner event in a safe and responsible way considering the latest Corona measures. We plan for Tuesday 1 September, subject to the outcome of the last meetings with the location. We want to have different shifts throughout the day such that there are not too many people at the same time in order to ensure a sufficient distance amongst each other. We eagerly want to give a demonstration of our flying solar boat and also want to facilitate networking in a creative way. Soon we will send you more information about this. Hope to see you there!


  • July – August: wet testing
  • 17 August: race
  • 1 September: start of the new team

End of August / beginning of September we will hand over to the next generation team members who are eagerly waiting to start working on a sustainable maritime future. In due course they will introduce themselves.

Coming up

Soon more detailed information about the race.
Kind Regards,

TU Delft Solar Boat Team
Melissa Oremans
Financial Manager 2020  

Stevinweg 1
2628 CN Delft

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