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Eurobot is an international robotics competition taking place yearly. With a new theme, playground and new actions to perform every year, it aims to arouse the interest of young people in robotics and to challenge them to build a robot from A to Z. Through this wonderful experience, students and passionate youngsters can develop hard and soft skills such as circuit design, teamwork and project management.

At UCLouvain, engineering students in mechatronics spend the first year of their master’s degree building a fully autonomous mobile robot from scratch. From mechanical design to algorithm implementation and PCB conception, precision and reliability are key aspects that the students consider and try to achieve to build a robust and winning robot.


PCB & Parts ready to be soldered

Last september, 32 students split into 6 teams started their project for Eurobot 2021 : Sail the World. Each of the teams drafted the body and parts of the robot they envisioned most suitable and efficient to ruffle feathers during the qualificative national round taking place on April 24th. In the process, each team designed adapted PCB to supply and control their own machine. Thanks to Eurocircuits and their valuable partnership with UCLouvain, the students have been able to order high quality PCB with short notice by them. Those PCBs are the hearts of the robots developed.

Valentin Tack, student @ UCLouvain


Power Supply Protection Board


Signal Interfacing Board

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