The cooperation between a small automotive company and an electronic manufacturer is really important nowadays as more and more of active safety measures are implemented in cars. Especially a fully electrical powertrain need to be monitor precisely to achieve good performances. In this point of view, the University of Liège and Eurocircuits worked hand in hand to develop the new battery management system as well as the motor controller for our dear Electra.

For those who don’t know Electra, she is a small car powered by electricity and developed over the years by the students of 1st Master in mechanical engineering to participate in the Shell Eco-Marathon.

The Shell Eco-Marathon is an international contest for students to express and create their ideas on the future of cars as the goal is to develop the most efficient car as possible. Lots of different fuel system can be implemented but the University of Liège has taken the challenge to push the electrical power train to it’s fullest. Thus Electra has been improved over the years thanks to the work on mechanical parts of the car but also on the onboard electronics.

The difference between the first home made motor controller and the brand new ones is mostly seen in the improvements of the efficiency of those but also the whole system has also been shrunk. This reduction of volume means less mass in the car thus less consumption. The new motor controllers are also more sophisticated and the control over the motor is improved.

Thank you Eurocircuits for your support and your help in developing the future with us.

Eco team

Pascal Harmeling

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