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Dear Eurocircuits customer,

You will be at the WoTS in Utrecht from 27 to 30 September, won’t you?

No ticket yet, no problem, click on the button below to register for your Free Ticket.

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Are you interested in the exhibition gadget the PARROT, if so order one when you register. The PARROT was designed by DEKIMO (functionality and PCB layout) and then Eurocircuits designed the physical shape and graphics. It is a “very nice to have” gadget during and after the fair and it repeats everything you say, albeit with a distorted voice. But remember the PARROT is ONLY available at the WoTS exhibition and ONLY if you have registered in advance!

But Eurocircuits has more to offer with more details explained during the fair:

Our New Enclosures Service

From our partner, the renowned enclosure specialist Bopla. These enclosures can be standard (out of the box) or customised with cut-outs and digitally printed labels, all done in-house by Eurocircuits. A natural step after our PCB and Assembly services is our new Enclosure and Printing/Packaging services that allow us to supply you with a fully assembled, documented, and packaged product as a prototype or small series. As always, everything is produced virtually first and checked by you so that it is as you would expect “Right First Time”.

Parts Pre-Order (PPO) Service

The new PPO service enables you to shorten the entire supply chain by uploading your BOM and pre-ordering your key component parts in advance, even before your have started your PCB layout. We then precure these components parts ensuring they are in-house when needed for the assembly process, saving valuable time while you continue to finalise the design of your PCB.

A WIN-WIN for all!

We would be delighted to meet you in Utrecht and to also discuss these new developments at Eurocircuits.

See you in Utrecht.

The Eurocircuits Team.

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