How the Automatic System Works

If data is submitted together with your basket or order, it is automatically read in and analysed.

The first step regarding drill data data is to find out which files contain drill data.

  • In case a KiCad or Eagle file is supplied the drills are automatically determined.
  • Files that have been supplied in Excellon format are automatically considered drill data.
  • Gerber X2 files with the correct attributes are also automatically considered drill data.
  • For Gerber X1 files, the file name and the content are taken into account to come to a decision. E. g A file containing only circle apertures with flashes, draws and arcs are good candidates.

Next the drill span needs to be determined for drill files in jobs with 4 or more layers. This is done by matching the drills on the copper pads.

Finally the plating of the drills is determined. Drills fully covered with copper on both sides are considered plated.

This can lead to errors because in some cases where drills that should be unplated have copper on both sides.

In case there are issues with the automatic detection, the supplied tools now allow you to correct the information.