The drill and slot editor was developed to help customers check their data.

Communicating correct information about drill and slot data from a CAD system to the PCB manufacturer is not always as easy as it would seem.

How the automatic system works

When data is submitted together with your basket or order, it is automatically read in and analysed.

The first step regarding drill data data is to find out which files contain drill data.

Identifying drill and slot layers

Drill and Slot editor 1The first step in making sure the drill and slot information is correctly determined is to define which files in the input data set contain the drill and slot data.

This is done using the Buildup Editor in the PCB Visualizer.

Classifying drill and slot data

Drill and Slot editor 3Once the source for drills and slots is correctly defined, you can use the Drill/Slot Editor to correctly classify the data.

Click the Drill/Slot Editor button to open the Drill/Slot Editor.


Drill and Slot editor 16Defining slots

Forcing a drill to be unplated