This product is no longer available.


eC-placer – camera-assisted manual pick and place device

eC-placer is a camera-assisted manual pick and place device designed and priced for prototype and small series assembly.

The eC-placer speeds up component placement and in combination with our other eC-equipment gives significant savings in time and costs.

eC-placer’s robust construction ensures long-term accuracy and repeatability.  The machine is fast to set-up with 23 adjustable feeders included for component tapes and sticks.  The combination of clear imaging from the high-definition camera and ergonomic design enhances productivity and minimizes operator fatigue. Two special placement modes boost speed and accuracy.  The Array mode provides a fast solution for placing a row of components.  The Copy-paste mode uses a standard steel stencil to accurately locate BGAs, FPGAs and other complex components which are difficult to place by eye alone.

eC-placer specifications

  1. ESD-safe X – Y table with 10 mm pitch eC-registration-compliant location holes.
  2. Heavy-duty construction for accurate operation, good repeatability and long-life
  3. Precision mechanics with X, Y and Z movements and vacuum head component rotation.
  4. Adjustable magnetic stops on X- & Y-axis
  5. Ergonomic operation with solid hand support and high-definition imaging for maximum productivity and reduced operator fatigue
  6. Right- and left-handed set-up. Left-handed set-up is a mirror of the right-handed set-up. The changeover is straightforward and can be completed in 3 – 4 minutes.
  7. Vacuum placement head with quick-change nozzles for different size components plus rubber heads for larger components and ICs. Four nozzles and 3 suction cups are included as standard.
  8. Built-in vacuum pump.
  9. Two foot-pedal controls: one for the vacuum, and one for the X- and Y-axis programmable stops.
  10. High-definition USB camera with parallax compensation for different heights between feeder and PCB.
  11. Powerful LED light for illumination and cross-hair component location.
  12. Camera can be linked to any Windows-compatible PC (not included) to display exact component position during pick-up and placement.
  13. Feeders are included for component tapes and component sticks. The feeders are easily adjusted for different widths (8 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm etc.). The table will accommodate up to 23, 8 mm tape feeders.
  14. Smallest component size 0402 (1 mm x 0.5 mm).
  15. The work-table is ESD-safe when grounded (grounding point included). Components can be placed safely anywhere on the table.
  16. A bonding point is included to link anti-static wrist bands to machine ground. An eC-ESD-kit is available as a separate item from our eC-consumables shop. This includes an eC-ESD-wrist-strap, eC-ESD-grounding cord and eC-ESD-plug.
  17. Maximum board size on table: 500 x 350 mm. Maximum board size with feeders: 460 x 350 mm. Maximum board size when using “copy-paste” template: 350 x 250 mm.
  18. 10 eC-registration-compliant PCB location pins and 4 stencil/template location pins included.
  19. Power input (excluding computer): 90 – 264 V AC; 47 – 63 Hz; 24W. Accepts EU-standard plugs including UK 3-pin.
  20. Machine overall dimensions: 670 x 580 x 200 mm
  21. Machine weight: 11 kg
  22. Shipping weight: 20 kg

eC-placer has four functional modes selected using an LED switch

  1. No LEDs lit = Free movement of the head.
    Components are picked up using the vacuum head and can be placed anywhere on the PCB.
  2. One LED lit = Array placement mode.
    Used to place a row of components along the Y-axis. Sets a stop on the X-axis so the head can only move along the Y-axis at that location. Secure the PCB on the machine bed using the eC-registration pins. Move the head to one of the component positions in the array. Use the foot-switch to fix the stop on the X-axis. Move the head freely to pick up components and come back against the X-axis stop to place components in the array along the Y-axis.
  3. Two LEDs lit = Copy-paste mode.
    Uses the eC-registration-compatible stencil already used to print the solder-paste as a template to locate components for fast and accurate placement. This is especially suited to BGAs and other large components which can centre themselves automatically into the paste openings in the stencil. Align the stencil-template and the PCB by pinning the eC-registration tooling holes in each into the 10 mm pitch tooling holes in the machine bed. Place the components manually onto the stencil-template. Use the foot-pedal to fix the distance between stencil-template and PCB. Now you can move the vacuum head over the component, lock the Y-axis and move the head the pre-set X-distance to the stop and place the component correctly on the PCB.
  4. Three LEDs lit = Head completely fixed.
    At any position in X and Y use the foot-pedal to lock both X- and Y-axis. Now you can easily rotate and/or lower the component without the risk of moving the head.

Note: the eC-registration specification is fully published on the Eurocircuits website at ec-registration-system.