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eC-reflow-mate V4 3

eC-reflow-mate version 4

The eC-reflow-mate reflow oven gives an even temperature across the board under total user control throughout the soldering process.

The eC-reflow-pilot software allows the user to define and store an unlimited number of temperature and time profiles and to monitor the exact process for each board.

Separate sensors can be used to measure and display the temperature profile on the actual PCB – order eC-reflow-mate now.

  • Quartz IR lamps in the bottom and top part of the oven allow preheating and a subsequent fast heat-up for optimum control of the soldering cycle
  • Profiles set up and stored on PC via easy-to-use eC-reflow-pilot software
  • 32 bit arm processor for more accurate control and to store up to 5 profiles for convenient standalone operation.
  • 3.5″ LCD touch screen on machine to select the profile, start and stop the process, open the drawer etc
  • Drawer access for easy loading and unloading
  • Large window on front for visual process-checking
  • Drawer opens automatically after reflow to ensure fast cooling to minimise board stress
  • eC-reflow-mate-hood integrated. Extracts soldering fumes as the drawer opens. Coupling at rear to connect to a fume extraction device (not included).
  • A separate temperature sensor can be placed on the PCB to measure and display the temperature actually on the board for optimum control
  • Insulated casing to minimise energy loss and air circulationensure safe operation
  • Drying function included in the preset profiles
  • An optional eC-reflow-mate-PCB-holder for small boards. Fully adjustable
  • Compact footprint

eC-reflow mate

Solder typesLeaded and unleaded
Maximum PCB size350 x 250 mm
Heating methodQuartz IR and ducted forced hot-air
Temperature rangeUp to 288°C
Temperature control method+/- 20°C boost function
ProgrammingWindows-compatible software
PC linkUSB port
Electrical requirements230V AC – 50Hz
Power requirementsmax 3000W
Dimensions520 (d) x 620 (w) x 245 (h) mm
WeightCa 25 kg

eC-reflow-pilot – Flexible, easy to use software controlling all aspects of reflow soldering operation

  • Full control of oven operation
  • Setting up and storage unlimited soldering profiles controlling temperature and time settings across 6 zones for optimum soldering quality and flexibility
  • Automatic recording of oven temperatures over time
  • Display of temperatures in oven and  on PCB
  • Self learning process to help to define profiles
  • Analyses options to learn from past soldering operations
  • Graphic display and adjustment of reflow profiles

The eC-reflow-pilot software is downloadable from our website in the Offtheshelf section.

We also offer “starter kits” and consumables (eC-solder-paste, eC-wipes, …) All the materials that we use during the eC-workshops are available here

Payment conditions are the same as those for your Eurocircuits’ customer account.

Deliveries are made from stock within 5 working days.  If for any reason we no longer have machines in stock delivery will be up to 8 weeks.  We will confirm the delivery at the time of order.  All machines will be securely packed and palletized to ensure safe and reliable shipment.  Delivery will be made by truck at the cost calculated in our online order form. Transport time will depend on the distance from our warehouse in Eger, Hungary.

Our eC-reflow soldering equipment is supplied with 12 months return-to-factory warranty. Faulty equipment should be returned using its original packaging to Eurocircuits where it will be checked and repaired or replaced. This excludes consumables and accessories (heating lamps and magnetic board-holders). Transport costs will be paid by the sender.