These generic components are resistors and capacitors that we buy in bulk and keep on stock and are defined by their characteristics and not by a manufacturer part number. We identify them by their internal Generic Part number (starting with GPR for resistors or GPC for capacitors).

For example, a part GPC0603105 is a capacitor with a package 0603, in the voltage range of 50V with a capacitance of 1µF, the temperature coefficient is X5R and the tolerance factor 10%.

These components can come from any manufacturer and we propose generic components to our customers as much as possible. This is more efficient and economical as we save time in sourcing, storage, kitting and production. It also allows us to work with full reels instead of cut tapes on the Pick & Place machines.

Eurocircuits holds a stock of components to match each component on their generic component lists.

All stock components held by Eurocircuits are RoHS compliant.

The advantage for our customers is that they are in stock and readily available, plus we offer most of these components for free.

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