Quality is not something that is inspected into your PCB. We build it into your boards from the moment you open the price calculator. Our smart menus guide you towards optimum manufacturability. Then PCB Visualizer checks the manufacturability of your specific data-set.

We back the quality of your data by preparing the right tooling, using the right equipment, buying in the right materials, designing and implementing the right processing, and hiring and training the right operators.

There’s more on this in our video: “How to make a PCB.” Operator training is critical. It is the duty of every operator to check the boards as they go through their process, and we make sure that they have the training and the expertise.

Of course, our fabrication process also include specific inspection and test steps. We use these to make sure that our processes are running correctly. These steps give you the added re-assurance that the board you receive is correct to your design and will perform correctly over the lifetime of your product. These steps are described below.