Eurocircuits are specialist manufacturers and assemblers of prototype and small series PCB’s. We are dedicated to providing a complete electronic service that will help PCB designers bring their projects to market on time and on budget.

Facts and figures.

We produce prototype and small batch boards in our specialist factories in Germany and Hungary. Set up in Belgium in 1991, today we employ around 450 people in Belgium, Germany, Hungary and India, plus sales companies in France, Germany, UK and Switzerland and sales offices in Italy and Spain. We currently produce more than 100,000 orders per year for almost 20,000 users ordering for more than 12,000 active customers.

Customer service

We firmly believe that prototype PCB manufacturers have a responsibility towards their customers that extends beyond merely delivering PCBs. We have based our business strategy on supporting the PCB designer from initial design to final PCB assembly.

  • Fast, reliable, on-time deliveries

    you can count on. Reliability is not just a buzz-word. It’s based on long engineering experience, excess production capacity to handle sudden demand peaks, leading-edge manufacturing technology and the commitment of our workforce.

  • Broad range of technologies

    You will find all our current services and technology capabilities here.

  • Lowered costs

    Our order-pooling pool technology cuts our manufacturing costs and gives you lower prices. And we provide online design optimization tools which guide you towards lower cost design solutions – and for EAGLE CAD users see our cost-reduction article (€740 reduced to €230).

  • Online pricing and ordering

    using fast, easy to use smart menus accessible 24/7. Get an immediate price without losing time while a sales office “gets back” to you. Place your order confident that the price is right and there are no data issues to delay delivery or need a re quote. How? The smart menus automatically check the board parameters in real time as you enter them and flag up any cost or manufacturing issues. Then upload your data into the PCB Visualizer online checking tools. Within a few minutes you will see on screen any production issues.

  • PCB assembly and test equipment

    Our customers told us that they needed production quality assembly and test equipment but at a size and price compatible with prototype and small batch PCBs. In response, we launched our benchtop eC-test-mate solder-paste printer, eC-reflow-mate reflow oven, eC-placer camera-assisted manual pick and place unit (available soon) and eC-test-mate fixture less tester. For more reliable and smoother hand-soldering we added the eC-pre-heater to the range. We back this equipment with a range of consumables supplied in “prototype quantity” packages.

  • CAD

    Designers frequently ask what are the most cost-effective design parameters. We supply industry-standard design parameters and design-rule check values for Altium, KiCAD and for EAGLE. Our data-checking tools accept native KiCAD and EAGLE .BRD data files. To support KiCAD and EAGLE users we provide basic and advanced training workshops and online “How-to” articles.

Share our knowledge

Time-pressured designers don’t have time to find out how PCB manufacturing issues affect the cost and long-term robustness of their designs. So we invite them to share our knowledge through:


  • 1973 Vilati commences PCB manufacture at Eger in Hungary
  • 1991 Europrint founded in Mechelen, Belgium
  • 1993 Europrint forms partnership with Vilati
  • 1998 Europrint acquires Vilati PCB plant. It is renamed Europrint Eger, specialising in small-batch, fast turnaround
  • 1999 Eurocircuits is set up as the sales organisation for online PCB pooling
  • 2000 Eurocircuits India Ltd (EIL) set up to provide CAM services for Europrint and Eurocircuits. Sales office Germany. Group sales top €5,000,000
  • 2004 New green field factory built in Eger, Hungary. Start to provide CAM outsourcing services to other PCB manufacturers world-wide
  • 2005 Sales office in France
  • 2006 Sales office in Switzerland
  • 2007 The Eurocircuits online platform now covers all services offered by the Eurocircuits group.
  • 2009 Europrint Group acquires WI-KA GmbH near Aachen in Germany and renames it to Eurocircuits Aachen GmbH
  • 2010 Europrint Group sales top €15,000,000 and 50,000 orders
  • 2011 Europrint Group renamed Eurocircuits NV, the name most customers know us by. Introduction of SMD prototype soldering equipment.
  • 2012 Eurocircuits goes Visual and Social. Introduction of PCB Visualizer, our online data analyses tool and our social media accounts to keep followers posted on any new development.
  • 2013 Eurocircuits India Ltd started as 3rd production site for the group. By now we serve over 8,000 customers with over 70,000 orders.
  • 2014 Online tools radically expanded and customers totalled to over 9,000.
  • 2015 More than 10,000 active customers pushed our group sales over €20,000,000.
  • 2016 More than 11,000 active customers placing around 100.000 orders pushed our group sales over €22,000,000.
  • 2017 Start of DFM check for PCB + Assembly with PCBA Visualizer
  • 2018 Start of our Assembly service for Prototypes & Small Series based on in-house PCB Production and Assembly
  • 2019 +/- 12.000 customer placing +/- 109.000 PCB orders; +/-1.250 customers placing +/-4.200 Assembly orders; group sales +/- €28,000,000.
  • 2023 New PCB Assembly factory opens.
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