Eurocircuits, your PCB Prototype, small series and assembly manufacturer.

Who are We

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Eurocircuits is a supplier of Prototype and Small Series PCB’s with its own manufacturing facilities in Europe. We also offer PCB Assembly Services and Assembly Equipment.

Cost Effective PCB’s

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We offer a High quality Fast & Reliable Prototype PCB Service which includes Assembly at the Right Price

Reliable Service

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Eurocircuits provides on-time delivery that meets your expectations and within your budget

Customer Support

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Eurocircuits philosophy is Right First Time for Manufacture and we have developed a suite of online eC Smart tools and documentation to help you achieve this

Committed to Europe

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Eurocircuits is committed to Europe, we support and follow all the European Environmental regulations

Investing in Europe

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Eurocircuits proudly supports European Society. We also support and sponsor student projects in several European countries, these students will become tomorrows European Designers

Who are We

We produce prototype and small batch boards in our specialist factories in Germany and Hungary.

Set up in Belgium in 1991, today we employ around 400 people in Belgium, Germany, Hungary and India, plus sales companies in France, Germany and Switzerland and sales offices in Italy, Spain and UK. We currently produce more than 109,000 orders per year for almost 20,000 users ordering for more than 12,000 active customers.

We also offer PCB Assembly services.

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Cost Effective PCB’s

Introduction  – Small Orders on a Quick Turnaround

At Eurocircuits we are 100% committed to the Prototypes and Small Series market of standard technology PCB’s.

The market of producing PCB’s is divided into 4 segments determined by two axes: technology and volume.

  • On the technology axes we distinguish between Standard technology (tracks and spacing larger or equal 90 micron) and High Density Interconnection technology (tracks and spacing equal or smaller than 75 micron). The difference between those two domains lies in the level of extra investment HDI requires in areas such as registration, clean rooms, etching and plating for quality reasons, etc… This brings higher costs and thus it makes HDI factories economically non-viable for the production of Standard technology boards.
  • On the volume axes we distinguish Prototype and Small Series as orders of 50 production panels or less and Volume as anything above this scope. To produce volume at an attractive cost, a high degree of automation is required in the production flow and a capacity loading as close to 100% as possible. For Prototypes and Small Series flexibility is required. This can only be achieved by people (instead of automation) and a flexible production capacity that you to react quickly. Thus a volume supplier has no flexibility to achieve a quick turnaround and a Prototypes and Small Series supplier has to higher costs making volume production more expensive.

This defines 4 types of Printed Circuit Boards factories:

  • Standard Technology – Prototypes and Small Series – that is Eurocircuits
  • Standard Technology – Volume
  • High Density Interconnection Technology – Prototypes and Small Series
  • High Density Interconnection Technology – Volume
Always Available

By committing to the Prototypes and Small Series market of standard technology boards, we developed flexible and reactive manufacturing processes allowing us to react to your needs for quick turnaround orders.

Always on Time

Allowing free capacity also creates extra flexibility in planning and throughput in the factory. Our in-house smart and fully tractability production floor management system leads to a very high reliability, of on time shipments. Typically, of the 107.000 orders received in 2017 over 97% were shipped on time.

See all of our PCB Services here.

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Reliable Service

We are Very Reliable

For our customers it is important that their PCB Prototypes or Small Series PCB’s (assembled or not) are manufactured with a correctly with a “Right First Time” philosophy. This way are they able to deliver their work “to their expectations”, “on time” and “within budget”.

Since we only focus on Prototypes and Small Series of standard technology boards and as we produce only in our own factories, we are able to offer an extremely reliable service to meet our customers goals.

As we are committed to the market of Prototypes and Small Series of standard technology boards we have been able to created a vast amount of information on our website to help electronics designer. A kind of PCB Bible. We support the communication of this information by newsletters and even our own online News Channel – Eurocircuits TV.

We Offer Fair & Stable Prices

Continuously driven to become more efficient and reduce costs


Lean Manufacturing

Lean Administration

Energy Saving Programs

Excellent Delivery Performance

Full production flow tractability through a dedicated and in-house Manufacturing Execution System.

Staff receive bonuses linked to delivery performance

We have a delivery performance monitoring system linked to management and we deliver more than 97% of all orders on time.

Excellent Product Quality

Full Tractability

Quality Control Systems in place

Constant investments in capital equipment – Direct imaging for all layouts and almost all colours of Soldermask.

Constant investment in training of staff

High investment in DRC/DFM and CAM tools to make sure that the best possible customer data are used to manufacture

We have 99.8% customer satisfaction

We commit to the materials that meet European Standards – see our info on How many time can you heat up your PCB?

We are always available to be audited.

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Customer Support

To help our customers achieve “Right First Time” productions, we have formulated what we call “The Optimum PCB Design Flow” and have developed a range of eC-smart tools to help them achieve this.

Ordering from Eurocircuits is easy, reliable and available all the time, we offer added value and solutions to customers when data anomalies appear.

Always available online

Over 99.9% Online Up-time
eC-smart Tools always available
Large processing capacity for data
Easy access to EC Ordering website

Transparent Pricing and Open to Everyone

Free PCB price calculator available for all our service.

Visual Communication Throughout the Entire Business Process

Our PCB Visualizer and PCBA Visualizer and  eC-smart tools are always available

Complete Online Service from Quote to Invoice

Through our business platform and your secure Eurocircuits customer account

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Committed to Europe

We focus our efforts towards the European Electronics market and therefore, we need to focus our services on the needs of our European electronics designers and the European legislation concerning, RoHS, REACH, Conflict Minerals


Rohs and more
We commit to the base materials we use to allow Lead Free soldering


Reach and the story of the Chinese solder mask.

Conflict Minerals

Conflict minerals story.

Committed to our European customers of today and tomorrow

Students and workshops
Eurocircuits TV – educate the market

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Investing in Europe

The biggest part of our operation is in Europe. We sell, administer, produce and above all live in Europe. Therefore the environment and the air we breathe and the water we drink are precious to Eurocircuits and its staff.

We Live in the Environment where we Manufacture

Energy conscious

We Employ Europeans

We employ skilled Europeans
No Child labour
Fair salaries
We respect social security

We are Financially Committed to Europe

We pay our taxes within the European community. These taxes contribute to our Western way of live and to the future of our children. We therefore contribute to the formation of new electronics design engineers that can contribute again to our wealth and future.

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