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The annual D&E Event this year will be held at the Van der Valk hotel in Eindhoven on Tuesday the 8th October 2019.

The D&E Event offers a great opportunity to developers and users of Embedded Systems to learn about the latest technologies available.

It also provides a platform for the exchange of visions, ideas and experiences with your colleagues and industry experts.

There is an excellent lecture programme together with a knowledge market that is focused on specific topics such as:

  • FPGA.
  • Security.
  • Internet of Things.
  • Electronic Design.
  • Production.
  • Embedded Technologies.

Keynote Speaker

At 16h00, Jonathan Berte will close the D&E event as a keynote speaker with “Industrialising deep learning”.

Jonathan is both the founder and CEO of Robovision (Ghent, Belgium).

He was recently honoured with the Engineer of the Year 2019 by his fellow engineers from the University of Ghent.

Robovision is a pioneering company in the field of Artificial Intelligence which they translate into practical industrial applications.

Many of these applications can also be found in the Netherlands.

Robovision is a client and partner of Eurocircuits, so we visited Jonathan with Eurocircuits TV and for a pre-event interview with the help of Dimitri Reijerman of the FHI.

Eurocircuits will also be there to update you on our PCB Prototype and small series manufacturing and assembly services together with our latest update in our technical capabilities.

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