There are 3 invoice delivery methods available from Eurocircuits these are:

  • By Post
  • By email
  • e-Invoicing

You can select your preferred invoice delivery method in your Eurocircuits Customer Account as explained below.

Invoice Delivery Methods

By Post

Your invoice will be printed and delivered via the postal service to the Invoice Address.

By email

A digital signed PDF will be generated and mailed to the email address as defined in your Invoice Address of your Customer Account.

These invoices can be sent as:

  • Single pdf – Multiple emails where each email has only ONE PDF attachment.
  • Multiple pdf – single email where the email has multiple PDF attachments.
  • UBL – For companies not connected to PEPPOL but able to import UBL files directly in their accounting program.
e-Invoicing (in ISO6523 format)

Using PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement Online) a 100% e-Invoicing solution which is promoted as universal format in the EU & mandatory for invoicing to public services.

Known in Germany as Xrechnung (peppolid = Leitwegnummer).

Known in France as Chorus.

Selecting Preferred Invoice Delivery Method

To define the method in which you receive your invoices first you must Sign In to your Eurocircuits Customer Account.

Now select Manage profile from the left-hand menu and then Manage profile.

In the screen that opens select the Customer tab at the top and then under the section Invoice preference from the drop-down menu select your invoice delivery method preference.



  • Please ensure that the details in Invoice Address under the Addresses tab are correct.
  • Please ensure you save any changes by clicking on the Save button.