If we find that something in your data is not correct and we can’t start producing your order, we raise an “Exception”. Possible reasons are:

  • the data is not complete – e.g. the drill file is missing
  • the data is ambiguous – e.g. top and bottom layers are not clearly defined
  • the design does not meet the specifications of the chosen service – e.g. the minimum track or annular rings are below the minimum values
  • there is a mismatch between the data supplied and the order itself – e.g. the order calls for 2 legends and only 1 file is supplied.

For the specifications of each service and advice on how to supply good data, consult our services overview and PCB Design Guidelines.

Efficient exception handling speeds throughput

We always run 100% pre-production checks on customer data. That way we can be sure you will get the board you want on the day you want it.

Our online check software, PCB Visualizer, has significantly reduced the number of exceptions. How do we handle the remaining data or order issues? Our engineers use their know-how to make the most logical correction to the order or the data. The production-ready job goes into the customer’s pre-production approval (PPA) folder. He gets our email and needs only 1 click to send the job on for manufacture.

Nearly 90% of jobs are authorised right away and go straight into production. No delays – and the customer doesn’t have to spend time making the corrections – a win-win result: the right board on the right day with minimum disruption to the designer.

See our video.

When a predefined solution is not possible or not clear.

In some case our engineers are not able to define a logical predefined solution for the data issue they are confronted with. In that case we will automatically notify you by e-mail that there is an exception on your order. The e-mail is sent to the address of the user who placed the order. The link in the e-mail will take you straight to the log-in page on the website. Log in and you can see immediately that there is an exception (left menu).

As soon as an exception has been raised against an order, it is put on hold. The delivery date is automatically put back by the time it takes to resolve the issue. If we get no response, the system automatically sends daily reminders to the e-mail address of the user who placed the order and to the main contact e-mail address as registered on the site. This means that it is very important that e-mail addresses on the site are entered correctly and kept up to date.

Finding the exception.

To find the exception click on any one of the 3 locations arrowed above. You will then see an overview of all open exceptions. Tick the relevant exception in the list and click on the box EXCEPTION DETAIL at the top of the screen.
You will then see one of a number of standard (“pre-defined”) problem descriptions and solutions. To find the exact details of this exception scroll down and click on the green Download link (arrowed in the screen shot below). This will download a PDF document in which the problem is described as clearly as possible with screen-shots if required, and suggestions how to resolve the exception.

Resolve the exception.

To resolve the exception it will in many cases mean first modifying the data.

You should resolve the problem via your online account using the onscreen buttons (and not by e-mail). There are a number of standard options (as shown on the screen shot above): MODIFY ORDER, CONFIRM, or CANCEL ORDER.

MODIFY ORDER: use this function to change your data and/or order details.
Click the button and you will bring up the original order screen. Change the details of the board or the order as required, and upload the complete set of now corrected board data (to avoid any chances of error you must upload the complete dataset, not just one or two corrected files). The delivery date will be automatically extended by the number of working days it took to resolve the exception, but you can still change the delivery term, for example from 7 to 5 working days.

CANCEL: you cancel the order yourself. The cancellation is final.

Once you have resolved the exception via the website, the status of your order is changed. We recommend that you check this in the Running Order screen. The order preparation can now proceed and hopefully your data and order details are now OK.

If an exception remains unanswered, we will cancel the order one week after it reaches the original delivery date.

If you have any questions about an exception please mail us at euro@eurocircuits.com , or contact us on chat