Data feedback is Eurocircuits method of informing you that we need your input to resolve issues found with your order.

These can be:

  • Data Issues (missing or ambiguous etc)
  • DRC Issues
  • DFM Issues
  • Order Configuration Issues
  • Etc….

When we need your input to proceed with your order or inquiry, we will send an email to the appropriate person identified in your user account explaining that we need your input to proceed with the order or inquiry and ask you to Sign In to your user account and review the Data feedback.

Where to Find the Data Feedback Report

Firstly, you must Sign In to your Eurocircuits Account.

From the CALCULATE AND ORDER menu on the left-hand side select Data feedback.

Here you will see 2 sections, Orders and Baskets.

  • Orders – Contains Running orders that require your input via the Data feedback procedure to process your order.
  • Baskets – Contains items in your basket items where an Inquiry has been launched that require your input via the Data feedback procedure to allow us so we can respond to the inquiry.

Data Feedback Overview Window

Opening the Data Feedback Report

To open the Data feedback report for a specific job, follow the steps in either 1) or 2) below.

1) Check the box to the left of the Order number/Basket number in the appropriate row and click on the Review button above.

Data Feedback Click Review

2) Click on the Data Feedback Icon icon in the appropriate row.

Data Feedback Click Remarks Icon

The Data feedback window will open.

  • You can also open the Data feedback report your Shopping basket or View running orders simply click on the Data Feedback Icon icon in the Remarks column of the appropriate basket item or running order (if the icon is grey then the Data feedback process has been completed).

    Data Feedback from Shopping Basket

    Data Feedback from Running Orders

Understanding the Data Feedback Window

The Data feedback window has 4 sections:

  1. Top Menu
  2. Service and Price section
  3. Tree view section
  4. Detailed Data feedback section

Data Feedback Window

Hovering the mouse over a button, menu items or icons will display a short description of what the button is for or what the text relates to or what the icon denotes.

Data Feedback Hover over Button

Data Feedback Hover over Icon

1) Top Menu

Data Feedback Window Top Menu

The top menu consists of action buttons as follows:

Save Button

Click to temporarily save your answers. You need to return to update and complete your answers as soon as possible.

  • Your order is on hold until you have replied to all the topics and clicked on the Submit and proceed button.
Submit and proceed Button

Click to submit your replies to our engineers so they can proceed with your order.

  • If you click on the Submit and proceed button before you have answered to all the topics, you will receive a warning message in the Menu section as below.

Data Feedback Window Warning Message

Ask a Question Button

If you need help click on this button to open the Eurocircuits Customer Support online chat. Simply fill in the details to start a live chat with one of our customer service representatives.

Translate to – Select language

The Data feedback window opens with the English language as default, to change the language select the appropriate language from the drop-down menu.

Data Feedback Window Translate to

  • This will only translate the text in the Topics of the Detailed Data Feedback section.
PCB Visualizer LogoButton

Click on this to open the Visualizer interface from where you can review the data.

2) Service and Price section

This section shows the current type of service selected and the price.

Data Feedback Price Service

  • The service type and/or price may change based on the solutions selected for each topic.

3) Tree view section

This is an overview of the topics and whether they have been answered or not. Each topic contains the topic number and a short description.

Data Feedback Window Tree view

Red Triangle Red triangle with exclamation mark

If there is a RED triangle Red triangle with exclamation mark beside the topic, then this indicates that this topic still needs to be answered.

Data feedback Tree view Red Triangle

Quick link to Topic

To quickly view the topic simply click on the topic tile (Green text) starting with the word Topic. The Detailed Data feedback section will then scroll to that topic.

Data feedback Tree view Topic Title

The lines below the topic title show the various solutions available (one solution per line), If you click on one of these solutions the Detailed Data feedback section will scroll to this solution.

Implemented or Recommended Solution Identifications

Data feedback Tree view Topic Solutions

If the line solution has either an ORANGE box with an I Orange Box with I in it or a BLUE box with an R Blue Box with R in it then or both, then these indicate that the solution is either Implemented or Recommended or both.

  • Even if the solution is marked as implemented it still requires you to accept the implementation.
Accepted Solution Identification

If the box next to the solutions has a green check mark (tick) in it then this indicates that this solution has been accepted.

Data feedback Tree view Selected Solution

  • You can still change the accepted solution until you click on the Submit and proceed button.

4) Detailed Data Feedback section

This section is divided into topics (Topic 1, Topic 2, etc), one for each issue that requires your input.

Detailed Data feedback section

Each topic has a menu bar at the top.

Detailed data Feedback section Menu Bar

It contains:

  • Topic #:
  • Short description of the issue – e.g. To Check – Pin1 indication unclear in PCB data
  • New Data button – Click on to upload new data
  • Comments button – click on to leave comments in case none of the implementation or suggestions are unacceptable.

Under the top menu bar are the details of the issues and possible solutions.

Each solution has a menu bar at the top.

Detailed Data feedback section Solution

It contains:

  • Accept button – click on this to select this solution.
  • Solution ID (A, B, C etc).
  • Short Description of the Solution.

If the solution has been implemented, it will be identified with an ORANGE rectangle with the words Implemented in it Detailed data Feedback section Implemented Identifier.

If the solution is recommended by our engineers, it will be identified with a BLUE box with the word recommended in it Detailed data Feedback section-Recommended Identifier.

  • You must select one of the solutions provided for each topic to be able to Submit and proceed.

Submit and Proceed

Once you have selected a solution for each topic and provided any information or data required you can click on the dark ORANGE Submit and proceed button at the top.


Once you have clicked on this button the next steps will depend on whether this is a Running order or an Inquiry.

Running order

No further action is required, and your responses will be analysed and applied (if possible).


A new window will open informing you that your feedback and selected solutions have been saved together with the offer in your shopping basket.

If you wish to order, then go to your Shopping basket and Proceed to order for this item.

If you want an update offer then click on the ORANGE Launch inquiry button, a new offer will be created and sent to you.

Data feedback Message Proceed Basket