eC-Panel by Eurocircuits is for customers who opt for the Eurocircuits standard panel based on a single PCB design.

This is the easiest way to have a single PCB design delivered in panel format as the Eurocircuits Panel editor will take care of the panelisation based on the number of PCBs in X and Y that you require and the selected separation method and width of the panel border.

The borders of these panels will include the eC-registration tooling as standard, if you require additional or different information or tooling on the borders please select the option Customer panel by Eurocircuits or Customer panel by customer.

To order first select the Delivery format to be ‘Panel’, for help with ordering please see our eC-smart-tools User Guides.

Panel Sizes

eC-Registration Compatible

Minimum – 50mm x 50mm

Maximum – 250mm x 350mm

non-eC-registration Compatible

Minimum – 50mm x 50mm

Maximum – 580mm x 425mm

Panel Borders

The panels will have a minimum panel border of 5mm (on all 4 sides).

The borders will contain:

  • Standard Eurocircuits Fiducials
  • Imperial Tooling Holes (0.125”)
  • eC-registration tooling holes (3.00mm)

Customer Panel Border with Tooling

Eurocircuits Standard Panel Border

Note – If you require special fiducials please select Customer panel by the customer and see our guidelines here.

Separating the PCB’s

You can chose between Break routing and V-cut scoring as the method to separate the PCB’s from the panel.

Please see Customer Panel Basics for more information.

Panel with Break Routing

Panel with Break Routing

Full Customer Panel with V-cut Scoring

Panel with V-cut Scoring

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