Customer panel by Eurocircuits is the suitable option for panels containing a single PCB design for which the customer has specific panel requirements. The Eurocircuits Panel editor allows the customer to make any panel according to the customer’s special specifications. Eurocircuits can do this for you on the basis of a clear panel plan supplied with the PCB data.

To order first select the Delivery format to be ‘Panel’ and the select ‘Customer panel by Eurocircuits’, for help with ordering please see our eC-smart-tools User Guides.

Defining the Panel

In order for Eurocircuits to be able to create your panel you must provide the following information as a part of data set that is uploaded with your order.

  • Panel X & Y Dimensions.
  • Number of PCB’s in X & Y (2×2, 3×2, 5×1 etc).
  • Panel Border Width.
  • Distance between PCB edges.
  • Separation Method (Break rout, V-cut, none).
  • Positions of Break rout tabs (if applicable) if they need to be in specific locations.
  • Tooling Hole and Fiducial information (Size, Shape, Location etc.).
  • Text or other Features in the Panel Borders (plus the Size & Location whether in Copper or Ink) .

Please see our guide on Customer Panel Basics to ensure your panel design meets with our requirements.

Supply the Single image Gerber files and a clear panel drawing in Gerber, PDF or HPGL format. We can handle different designs in a panel and take care of nesting and rotation of the boards.

Panel Sizes

eC-Registration Compatible

Minimum – 50mm x 50mm

Maximum – 250mm x 350mm

non-eC-registration Compatible

Minimum – 50mm x 50mm

Maximum – 580mm x 425mm

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