The data files to be uploaded should be ONLY with the data that is needed for production of the PCB.

These are :

  • Gerber files for the copper layers, soldermask and legend layers, mechanical layer and SMD paste layers. Plus
    carbon, peel-off and via-fill layers as needed.
  • Excellon drill file(s) for drilling.
  • If you want us to prepare a customer panel (“array”, “matrix” or “biscuit”) from the single board data to your individual specification,
    the panel plan can be supplied as a Gerber or DPF file.

Please DO NOT provide any additional data files such as original CAD data (other than Eagle), Graphicode GWK files,
PDF files, Word files (doc), Excel files (xls), part lists, placement and assembly information, etc.

Where possible check your generated output data (Gerbers & Excellon) with a Gerber viewer before you send it on to production.

Make sure that all instructions or other necessary input needed for making the boards are included in the Gerber and Excellon files.

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