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8 services, each defined by their base material

  • DEFINED IMPEDANCE on Isola IS400 or 370HR
  • RF pool on i-TERA and Rogers 4000 series
  • SEMI-FLEX pool on Isola 370HR FR-4 high Tg
  • IMS pool on aluminium-backed material

  • PCB Proto with Assembly

    PCB Prototypes 3+3 – Manufactured in 3 days and Assembled in 3 days by Eurocircuits a leading European Manufacturer of Prototype PCB’s

  • PCB proto offers

    1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 off 1 or 2 layer boards in 2 or 3 working days default specification and no complicating options.
    This makes ordering as easy as possible and keeps down production costs.

  • STANDARD pool

    Includes all Eurocircuits FR4 options in a single menu.pooling means combining several different orders for boards with the same specification on a single production panel. Some options are not ordered often enough for us to be able to pool them. These “non-poolable” options are still included in the single menu. This gives you access to the whole range of FR4 technology in one place. You can then easily compare the prices of different technologies. The non-poolable options are priced as whole production panels, because this is how we have to make them. If you select a non-poolable option, you will be alerted by the coin icon.


    Characteristic and Differential Impedance boards with 4, 6 or 8 layers using materials with a Guaranteed Dielectric (εr) on a standard is 5 working day delivery. Online calculator to help you define the correct values for your layout.

  • RF pool

    Includes poolable and non-poolable options in a single menu.
    pooling base material is Isola i-Tera offering good RF performance at lower cost.

  • SEMI-FLEX pool

    Flex-to-install FR-4 4-layer board built as a standard rigid flex but with an FR-4 semi-flex core cablable of only a limited amount of bendings.
    100% pooling on Isola PR370HR high Tg material.

  • IMS pool

    Includes poolable and non-poolable options in a single menu.

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