KiCAD native format accepted as order data

Even if you put a lot of work in making sure your board is designed using the correct tools and the correct rules, it is possible that the data you send to us is not as expected.

When you export data from your CAD system to an external format (e.g. Gerber or Excellon) it is possible that some information gets lost. There are ongoing improvements to the Gerber X2 format to reduce this information loss as much as possible, but for some CAD systems we try to read in the native CAD format, where all the required information is available.


We were already doing this for Eagle BRD files, but now we also support native KiCad files. This way of working gives you a number of clear advantages:

  • Each layer is perfectly identified. No confusion can arise due to cryptic layer names.
  • The data can be read with the correct interpretation. E.g. copper pads are identified as pads, via drills are treated as vias.
  • Component placement information (CPL) can be extracted from the CAD data. No need to supply separate CPL files anymore to load in our new PCB Assembly Visualizer.


  • Which files do I need?

    When you create a new basket, you just need to upload your KiCAD-PCB file. No need to create a zip file. We will do the rest.

  • Can I put the file in a zip file to upload?

    Yes you can, but make sure not to include Gerber or Excellon files in the zip.

  • How do I define what component information will be put on the legend layers?

    In the KiCAD Plot window you can specify whether component values and/or component references are added to the legend layers. This setting is taken over when we read in your file.

  • Can I change the legend layer settings later on?

    We read in the legend layers for each side as 3 separate layers. One for the basic legend information (B.SilkS or F.SilkS), one with the component values (B.SilkS.Value or F.SilkS.Ref) and one with the component references (B.SilkS.Ref or F.SilkS.Ref).

    In the Buildup Editor in the PCB Visualizer you can indicate which of these have to be part of the legend on your board.