Eurocircuits Continues to Grow in 2018

For Eurocircuits 2018 was another successful year building on our continued growth over the past 2 decades, finishing the year with a consolidated turnover of around 26.5 million Euros including, PCB services, PCBA services, eC-equipment and consumables.

During 2018 we faced and overcame several challenges such as, the implementation GDPR and the shortage of some electronic components.

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Continued growth allows us to invest and develop new products and services for our customers as well as, investing in new processes and equipment that keeps you at the cutting edge of PCB technology.

Overall investment in 2018 was around 1.5 million Euros and in 2019 we plan to almost double that, though we do expect some macro-economic challenges in following 12 months and are well prepared for these.

In 2019 we will continue to focus on PCB Prototype and Small Series market for both bare board and assembly and our aim is to achieve another leap forward in PCB services we offer and to meet the challenges of our fast-growing PCB Assembly services.

Our software tools will continue to offer new and advanced features helping you to achieve “Right First Time for Manufacture” products.

PCB Services
2018+/- 12.000+/- 109.000+/- 23.500.000
2017+/- 11.750+/- 107.000+/- 22.500.000
2016+/- 11.000+/- 100.000+/- 20.900.000
2015+/- 10.000+/- 93.000+/- 19.250.000
2014+/- 9.000+/- 77.500+/- 16.600.000
2013+/- 8.000+/- 69.500+/- 15.500.000
2012+/- 6.900+/- 63.000+/- 15.000.000

All sales figures are in € and exclude transport costs and taxes.

PCBA Visualizer Logo

Some of the Highlights of 2018

Phenomenal Growth in our Assembly Services

During 2018 the demand for our fast turnaround PCB Prototype Assembly services exceeded our expectation. And using this we have been able to improve our online PCBA Visualizer making even easier for you to order your assembled PCB’s

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Our Visualizers Contribute to “Right First Time” Designs

From the start of 2018 we have several goals to improve and enhance our free to use online Visualizers, we have added new features such as the Solder Paste Editor and the Layer Editor, we have also improved the overall usability of both the PCB and the PCBA Visualiser helping you achieve a “Right First Time” design.

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Via filling for Via in Pad Technology

The ability to offer a comprehensive Via Filling service was a must for Eurocircuits and during 2018 we continued to develop and enhance this process, ensuring a high-quality service.

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Eurocircuits TV – Comes of Age

During 2018 we continued to develop Eurocircuits TV and it now offers a comprehensive range of technical videos to help you, our customers.

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What was New in 2018

The Layer Editor

The Layer Editor is part of our online PCB Visualizer toolbox and is designed to help you quickly and easily correct any data output issues.

Use the tools available to create missing layers or correct layers that have data issues, this all works towards helping you to deliver data that is “Right First Time’ for manufacture.

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The Solderpaste Editor

Like the Layer Editor the Solderpaste Editor is designed to save you time and ensure that the Solderpaste data used for the creation of the Stencil is “Right First Time”.

As part of our online PCB Visualizer toolbox the Solderpaste Editor allows you to easily and quickly resize, offset, add or delete and split Solderpaste apertures across the design.

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New Via Filling with Resin

Via Filling with Resin allows for designers to locate Via Holes on component pads as the filled Via Hole is plated with copper after filling process.

As there are less Via’s on the board surface then there is more room for track, this in turn may lead to lees layers in the final broad layout.

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New and Upgraded Base Material for our IMS pool Service

More powerful LED applications produce more heat and this needs to managed as heat has a direct impact on the life and short-term function of the LED.

To reduce the operating temperature and thus the impact of the temperatures we upgraded our IMS material to Polytherm TC-Lam 2.0 from Polytherm TC-Lam 1.3.

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New and Upgrade Reflow Oven

We have redesigned the eC-reflow-mate and the eC-reflow-pilot software based on feedback from our customers to provide the most professional Bench-top reflow oven on the market.

In 2018 we started shipping our New and Improved Reflow Oven the eC-reflow-mate V4 and the feedback so is extremely positive.

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Supporting even more Student Teams

Eurocircuits continues to support what we see as the future Electronic Engineers, helping them to achieve success in multiple innovative projects.

All the student projects the Eurocircuits support are without doubt a path to the future, whether it be by reducing C02 emissions or harnessing the power of the sun or helping people walk again unaided, they all lead to a better future for all.

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Eurocircuits TV – Comes of Age

We started to experiment with using Eurocircuits TV as a medium to share technical information in 2017.

In 2018 this became a huge success and we have created, published and shared a host of technical and informative videos on our dedicated Eurocircuits.TV website.

We will continue to build on the success of 2018 and deliver even more content in 2019.

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GDPR Implementation

The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of EU Citizens was finally approved by the EU Parliament on 14 April 2016 and was enforced throughout Europe on 25 May 2018.

We followed the regulations stringently however, this resulted in some of our customers no longer receiving our News and Information feeds, we invite them to Opt-In and be Informed by join the Eurocircuits community.

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Tips & Trick

We continued with our Tips & Tricks to help you our customer and covers a range of topics including how we manufacture, design considerations, how to uses our software tools, CAD software and many more.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

In 2018 we completely reworded our FAQ section of our website and have added more topics and answers.

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