pcb_vis_largeFree online data verification tools

For added peace of mind now you can verify your PCB data prior to placing your order. PCB Visualizer is an automatic tool for data input and manufacturability analysis. Clear graphic presentation pinpoints any issues found. You can then fix them up front, helping to avoid delays to your time-critical deliveries. Upload your Extended Gerber (RS274X) or CadSoft EAGLE V6 files and let us surprise you.

PCB Visualizer analysis

PCB Visualizer shows you the PCB layers just as they have been imported. It gives you control over the critical transfer from data from designer to fabricator.

PCB Checker

PCB Checker shows any design rule issue detected on your layout. The issues are shown on the board layout, as well as in detail with required and measured values.

PCB Configurator

A system of smart menus, wizards and validations makes the ordering process faster, safer and simpler for Eurocircuits customers.

PCB Solver

A range of online repair tools to help you quickly and simply fix the most common production data issues before you place your order.