On July 11, the following modifications were uploaded to PCB Visualizer:

  • In case of single layer buildups, the copper side is determined by the availability of soldermasks. If there is a top soldermask and no bottom soldermask, the copper side is top. In all other cases the copper side is bottom.
  • In case of single layer buildups, one of the copper layers is removed from the buildup.
  • For trackwidth, isolation and ring, the following tolerances are used:
    • for class 6 and lower, the measured values are rounded up to the next micron and compared with the requested value.
    • for class 7 and higher the measured values are not rounded.
  • To determine the status of the job, the copper density values were also taken into account and checked against 0.4. This is now corrected. Only the plating indexes are checked.
  • In case no outline was found, the enclosing rectangle of the converted layers is used as dimensions.Plated and unplated drill layers are displayed separately. For layers counts of 2 and higher, the splitting depends upon the automatic plating detection. For layer counts 0 and 1 all drill holes are considered automatically as unplated.