The feedback we received on PCB Visualizer has been very encouraging. The tool is very much appreciated by engineers, and gives major advantages over conventional Gerber viewers.

For example, you can:

  • Load all the data in a single .zip file
  • Input native CadSoft EAGLE V6 .brd files as well as Gerber data
  • See your PCB “live” as it will be produced instead of just a schematic visualization

And PCB Visualizer will:

  • Automatically detect and register all layers.
  • Check that your files and your order match up
  • Compare the measured values for key production parameters with those of your chosen service.

We definitely made something better than a Gerber-viewer, but you want more… your feedback is clear enough:

  • “Really good application to see the board before ordering.–Marking the problem in the image should be a good option to find the problem.–Could be a stand-alone application to check design rules?”
  • “Very impressive-Would be great if it could show you any issues or an example even of the issue that is flagged (just spent half day try to find an IAR issue – my own fault I know but a clue….)-“
  • “Nice tool to view the downloaded PCB. Unfortunately the errors are not marked!”
  • “Is it possible to show the exact location of the drill error, annular ring exception, etc.??”
  • “Mark the errors; e.g. make a circle around annular rings that fail the minimum ;-)”
  • “It shows me there is a problem with the inner and outer annular ring, but does not pinpoint where the problems are.–It would help if the problem areas were highlighted.”
  • “Please show the exact region where an error occurred.”

This is why we created PCB Checker, a new module within PCB Visualizer that does exactly what you asked for. It pinpoints each DRC issue on your board layout, showing the value measured and the value required for each occurrence in an easy to understand and graphical way.

If PCB Visualizer has found that there are errors, a single mouse-click opens PCB Checker. Select the category of error you want to check and PCB Checker highlights every case. If you want, step through them, one by one, worst case first. Change your CAD data or choose another Eurocircuits service. Click the Modify icon next to the PCB Visualizer column, make your changes and your order is under way immediately. Of course, our engineers would have found the errors and reported back to you, but you could have lost a day or two – and won’t want to be distracted from your next project.

Every day our customers are using PCB Visualizer to get their prototype and small batch PCBs faster. Try it out yourself with your next order.

We developed PCB Checker to improve PCB Visualizer as you requested, but this is not the end of the story. Keep sending us feedback and we will keep developing.