In the past half year, the AzimUT Team from Space Society Twente has made great progress. From the first ever launch in February where the rocket landed in a tree to reaching half a kilometre with our first high-power rocket in September. The team members have worked hard to make 8 launches, at 5 launch days, with 4 rockets a reality. The launch of our Finkers-1 was the pinnacle of our work, and we received a lot of media attention for this, even managing to reach the national news. We learned a lot and gathered valuable experience. We are very satisfied with the progress and are looking forward to next year, where we have set ambitious goals.

Among these goals is the goal to become a real student team and to participate in the European Rocketry Challenge (EuRoC) of October 2022. This means that we will be developing, constructing, and testing larger, more powerful rockets. We want to have a rocket capable of reaching 3 km by the end of the year, with an interesting payload and other intricate and exciting gadgets.

This awesome journey would not have been possible without the support of Eurocircuits. The high-quality, robust, and reliable PCBs were instrumental to our success. With the electronics in the Finkers-1 we managed to accurately determine the height reached and transmitted that data, among other data, real time to the ground. Space Society Twente, and especially the AmizUT Team, are very glad to have Eurocircuits as sponsor and are looking forward to the future of this sponsorship.



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