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With the end of the academic year near, all the members of the VUB Racing team are currently busy with the exams. A lot of progress has been made with the car. We are not yet ready to drive because of some delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but we will resume the work in the summer with the goal to deliver a fully working car at the end. In our last post on this site, we detailed some of the electronic safety systems and the PCBs which were ordered at Eurocircuits. These PCBs have all been tested and are working like a charm. In this post we will describe a new system from this year, namely the telemetry system.

This system allows us to visualize some important data from the CAN bus while the car is driving. This way we are able to get the best performance and we can do multiple quick tests without having to shut down the car and download the data from it. This system uses the relatively new 4G-based technologies NB-IoT and LTE-M.

Telemetry systems use radio modules, and these modules are heavily influenced by the design of the PCB. Trace width, interference, material etc. are all important factors which can decrease the radio performance. Luckily Eurocircuits offers several services, like the RF pool service or the impedance calculator, that are useful for designing these kinds of systems. A picture of the PCB can be seen in the image below.


This PCB was tested, and the radio performance was verified. This PCB along with all the other PCBs can be installed in the car this summer.


Thanks to Eurocircuits

Thanks to our partnership with Eurocircuits, we were able to receive the best quality PCBs to use in our car. Everything works as expected and we look forward to keep working with Eurocircuits in the future.

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