Assembled Prototype PCBs from Data to Delivery in 6 Days

Assembled Prototype PCBs
Data to Delivery in 6 Days


Eurocircuits new 3+3 Service offers you lightning fast Assembled prototype PCBs delivered in 6 days.

Why do we call this service 3+3?

Well that’s easy we need 3 days to manufacture the bare boards and then 3 days to assemble them.

Our growth in this new service is amazing and we have brought forward investments allowing us to meet this growth in demand.

In addition, we have invested in our on-line eC-smart tools and component libraries to ensure everything runs smoothly.

It’s so simple, upload your data, confirm your details and place your order and 6 working days later we will ship your assembled PCBs.

Our Sales and Customer Support team are ready to help you with any questions that may arise.

This service is designed to help you meet your Development and Time-to-Market targets.


Why Wait, click the button below and get your free on-line quotation.


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