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How to check the status of the Component Sourcing of my Assembly Order?

To check the components availability for your PCB assembly order simply follow the steps below.

Step 1: Go to your Online Customer Account and Click on “View Running Orders”.


This opens your running orders.

In this overview, you can see that your order has been broken into 3 different parts.

  • PCB order (E-Number of 7 digits)
  • Assembly order (E-Number ending in A)
  • Component order (E-Number ending in B)

Step 2: Click on the status of your component order


Step 3: Look at the status of each part to monitor the component availability of each order

Here you will see the status of the component availability for your order.

Possible statuses:

  • In Stock
  • Awaiting delivery from supplier
  • Awaiting delivery from customer
  • Partially delivered from customer (When Eurocircuits receives only a part of the components needed to finish the order)

If you want to proceed with the production of your order with only part of the components available, please contact our Customer Service.


How do I order a Stencil?

Once your data is uploaded to the Eurocircuits PCB Visualizer you able to select the Stencil section of the PCB Configurator and choose Top, Bottom or Both Stencils.

You are also able to edit your Solder Paste data using our New Solder Paste Editor in the PCB Checker tab.


How do I specify UL marking? Does it cost extra?

You can add all types of markings including UL using the Eurocircuits Marking Editor, follow the link below for instructions.


Eurocircuits Tips & Tricks – Marking Editor


These may increase the cost of the PCB.

How can I check that my data is correct before I place my order?

Log in to your customer account on our web site (or create an account), then upload your data into the PCB Visualizer and check the data using the PCB Configurator and PCB Checker.

How do I specify a multilayer build?

The build-up of the PCB is usually predefined when you upload you data files to the Eurocircuits PCB Visualizer. If this is not possible or you need an alternative build you can use our Buildup Editor in the PCB Configurator. Here you can select from our predefined builds or if necessary request a special build.


How do I specify internal slots (plated or non-plated) and cut-outs? Complex profiles? Do they cost extra?

Please follow the link below for more information.

PCB Design Guidelines – Mechanical Layer.

These may increase the cost of the PCB