PCB Visualizer LogoWe use PCB Visualizer at two stages during data entry and data preparation: at the Pre-check stage to analyse the customer’s data prior to his placing an order, and at the Production data preparation stage to communicate clearly with the customer as we prepare the data for production.  In the first case PCB Visualizer works on the zip archive submitted by the client (Pre-Check Data); in the second on the data prepared for production by our CAM department (Production Data).

This data set is sent to a customized version of Ucamco”s automatic data input and analysis software Integr8tor. Ucamco has a testimonial on their website about how Eurocircuits is working with their Integr8tor software. For Pre-check, the following operations are performed on the data:

  • Determine the input format. Extended Gerber (RS-274X), Excellon, CadSoft Eagle v6 and DPF formats are supported.
  • Read in the individual input files.
  • Align the individual layers on top of each other.
  • Determine the function of each layer to create a full stack-up of the PCB layers.
  • Determine the PCB outline.
  • Determine the technology parameters for the PCB (track-width, isolation, annular ring etc).
  • Create a data set containing the individual layer images, the mapping between the input layers and the PCB stackup, the order details and the results of the design check.

Once this data set is available, you can access the PCB Visualizer client on the Eurocircuits web site.

The PCB Visualizer client is an HTML5-based web application that runs on the customer’s browser. Once the necessary data is loaded by the client, the user can inspect the PCB images and design check results without the need for further communication with the web server, ensuring a smooth interaction.

All image data is vector-based which allows for accurate images at any zoom factor. It also allows the combination of different layers using accurate colour to form either predefined realistic PCB views or custom layer combinations.

The PCB Checker module superimposes details of the design analysis on the layer images.

Wim De Greve

PCB Visualizer developer