We developed a new feature called “Parts Reservation” to provide an answer to the volatile character of the supply chain of components.

This will help ensure that the parts you need for your next design are already available for you before you place your order.

Request a Part Reservation Budget

Before you can start uploading a list of parts that you want us to reserve for you, you will need to have a budget for parts reservation which is assigned by us.


This budget is the maximum amount of stock in € that we will buy and hold for you. The general idea is to keep this within limits and only reflect the component requirements for your next upcoming project.


Upload your Part List (BOM)

Drag & Drop or browse for the BOM list of components you would like us to reserve for you.


As soon as you have uploaded your Part List our software starts to analyse your data.


Edit the BOM List

You can edit or modify your BOM list at any time up until we start the sourcing process by clicking on the ‘find alternatives’ button or ‘search part’ button.

It might be necessary for you to assist our algorithms to identify a part (or parts) if the BOM file is incomplete or the MPN is not recognised.

The logic behind manipulating the BOM list is the same as is available in the BOM-editor in the PCBA Visualizer tab of our Calculate and Order interface.


Then submit your reservation request.


Your Part Reservation Request is now in process


Once all of the parts in your BOM list are identified our engineering team starts analysing the parts.
Generic parts cannot be reserved as they are normally always available.


On demand parts will be purchased by Eurocircuits and will be kept in stock especially for you


Once we approve your request for parts reservation we will begin the sourcing process and the request will be moved to the “History” section.

Within the “History” section you will see a list of all the Parts Reservation requests and their status.


Inventory Report

This gives an overview of all the individual parts you have requested to reserve for you and their availability status.


Inventory shown in Calculate and Order

If you upload a new BOM file in Calculate and Order” and it contains any of the reserved parts in your inventory the availability of these will be shown.