Verify your data before you order your prototype and small batch PCBs

PCB Visualizer LogoWith PCB Visualizer you leave nothing to chance.  It gives you control over the critical transfer of data from designer to fabricator.  A brief onscreen check gives you 100% confidence that the board we are going to make is the board that you want – confidence and peace of mind so that you can concentrate on the next design without worrying about the last one.

For added peace of mind now you can verify your PCB data prior to placing your order.  PCB Visualizer is an automatic tool for data input and manufacturability analysis.   Clear graphic presentation pinpoints any issues found.  You can then fix them up front, helping to avoid delays to your time-critical deliveries.  Upload your Extended Gerber (RS274X), Gerber X2 , CadSoft EAGLE (V6 or higher) or KiCad files and let us surprise you.

Your Concept

You’ve a great idea for your new PCB.  You design the schematic and lay out the circuitry.  All the time the clock is ticking.  Your boss or your customer has set you a tight schedule. The layout is completed.  Now you need your PCB as fast as possible.  You prepare your Gerber files.

You can’t wait for a sales office.  You go online to Eurocircuits to get an immediate price.

The price is great.  You upload your data.  But is the data OK?  Has the Gerber converter worked right?  Have you included all the files you need for your order?  You’ve ordered in Eurocircuits’ low cost pooling services PCB proto or STANDARD pool; does your design fit the service specifications?  Of course our engineers will answer all these questions when they run their front-end data preparation, but this won’t happen for 12 hours or so and you may not be around to respond if they find something that isn’t quite right.  PCB Visualizer gives you the answers right away.

The PCB Visualizer

Within a couple of minutes you get the answers to your questions.  PCB Visualizer shows you the layers just as they have been imported.  You can pan and zoom, combine layers etc to check that they are correct.  Move to the order details pane.  You can see immediately if all the layers needed for the order are present. And PCB Visualizer has analysed the data and compared it to your chosen service.  Any problems?  Click the Modify icon and fix them.

It’s all OK.  Place your order and relax.  You’ll get your boards on time, keep your project on schedule and your boss or your customer happy.

Eurocircuits’ CAM engineers now get to work to make the final checks and prepare your data for production.

When they have finished, they load the data back into PCB Visualizer.  Log in and you can see exactly what we will make.

Soon you will receive your boards, there are no surprises: right the first time, on time and in budget.

How to achieve an ideal PCB design flow using the Eurocircuits Smart menus and PCB Visualizer?

Read all about it in our BLOG. This also contains a full presentation on the matter.