Eurocircuits’ dream about smooth data processing.

Since the beginning of our companies’ existence, Eurocircuits is fully committed to the electronic designer community. This means that we follow their needs to be able to deliver prototypes and small series to their customers “right first time”, on time and in budget.

The key issue to make prototypes and small series “right first time”, on time and in budget, is smooth data processing. Smooth means more than making it run through the process without any hurdles. No hurdles are inevitable and need to be taken fluently. To do this we need the right tools to see the hurdles and to overcome them. This resulted into …

PCB Visualizer was first.

PCB data is what we new best and so we started there. Right at the beginning of the second decade of this millennium we started to program on PCB Visualiser. Here is why we made that:

  • 1. Show you your design as our CAM system sees it, even before you place your order with us.
  • 2. Pin-point design issues immediately with PCB Checker while the design is still fresh in your mind.
  • 3. Give you better insight into critical areas of the production process with Plating Images.
  • 4. Compare your design with the board specifications you have requested or with the default specifications of the service you have chosen without waiting for us to raise an exception..
  • 5. Show you an image of your board as we will ship it to you before we start production.
  • 6. Show you the data modifications we made to get your board ready for production.

PCB Visualizer made the exception level go down well under 3% which makes a huge difference on 400 orders a day should the level still have been at 20-25%.

PCBA Visualizer had to follow.

It was not long after we made PCB Visualizer that we were conscious of the fact that the problem for electronics designers goes much deeper than dealing with PCB data only.