We are convinced our PCB Calculator is the smartest on the market.

  • PCB Configurator calculates a PCB price directly from your board files
    • PCB Configurator is integrated in our graphical PCB Visualizer tool, and  combines
      • The analytical power of Integr8tor, an analytical tool developed by UCAMCO, a world leader in CAM software for the PCB industry
      • The powerful graphical interface of PCB Visualizer, a Eurocircuits development that goes beyond the capabilities of most Gerberviewers.
      • The easy to understand DRC visualization of PCB Checker.
      • The integrated price calculation and manufacturability validations of PCB Configurator.
    • You can access PCB Configurator by selecting “ Analyse your data
  • PCB Calculator calculates a PCB price based on your inputs
    • PCB Calculator calculates your price even before your board data are ready
    • Validations ensure a correct input that can be produced
    • Make your own price matrix with ” customized matrix
    • Get alternative prices based on your initial selection.
    • Calculations can be saved in your basket at any time, even when conflicts are not solved yet, so that you can return to it later on
    • Wizards guide you to select the correct buildup and explore our PCB classification

Information available to help you master PCB Calculator

  • The right part of the screen shows you messages under “Summary” and also Order detail conflicts.Messages and conflicts
  • Placing your mouse over an item will change the cursor ( adding a questionmark). When you right-click the item with the questionmark cursor activated, more information about the item is displayed

Information on selected item

  • Placing your mouse over an item that is showing a conflict ( red color) will give more details of the conflict when you right-click it.

More information on conflicts

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