The Final Inspection  is the most critical of all the inspections carried out during the assembly process.

This is the last chance to check and eliminate any issues on the assembled PCB before it is shipped. The Final Inspection requires a well trained inspector and that is why we continuously train our operators.

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Script – Final Inspection

During the production process we introduced multiple inspection steps.

We have a first board inspection after pick and place, we have an inspection of all boards after reflow, we have another inspection with our proprietary PIXpect – image inspection system when all components are mounted and soldered, and we can inspect the placement of critical components with X-ray inspection.

But before shipment a skilled operator is inspecting the boards under a magnifier or microscope to judge the overall condition and quality of the assembled board.

We provide smart tools for our inspectors and automate the process as much as possible. These tools are built around the PCBA Visualizer that you are familiar with as a customer, but where we introduced extra features for final inspection operators.

Visual inspection is performed on the assembled boards according to the IPC-A-610 Standard (Class 2), which means the acceptance of soldering and placement is based on the requirements of this standard. Functional testing is no part of this control.

The type, presence, polarity, position and mounting side for all parts have been checked before. We did this by comparing digital images of the assembled board with the documentation we have in PCBA Visualizer.

During the final inspection, the operator pays special attention to the aesthetic appearance, so the inspection is done after washing the boards to remove any contamination.

We do not perform a functional test, but simple electronic measurements with multimeters can be done.

We guarantee traceability by the order number printed on the PCB. Based on this EC order number, the full history of the production and inspection is available and checked by the final inspection operator.