Assembling Prototypes and Small Series implies the handling of Thousands of BOM lines or Parts per day. The logistics of Component Receipt & Storage is crucial for an orderly production and thus efficient process flow.

Watch the Video – Component Receipt & Storage

Script – Component Receipt and Storage

We explained in our video about component sourcing that we have 4 types of parts. 

Generic parts, eC-stock parts, on demand parts and customer supplied parts. 

In 2019 we got on average 55 boxes per day with 425 different on demand parts.

When we receive the packages with the ordered components from the component manufacturers or distributors, we open the Manufacturing order or MO in our ERP system. All individual components are checked for manufacturing part number, quantity and markings on the components. Not all bags can be opened. Parts with a higher moisture sensitivity level (MSL) are opened only when the assembly process starts.

A label with identification of the part in our system is printed. The part is now booked as received. Our customers can see in their user interface that the component arrived.

When there is a mismatch between the ordered and received parts or when the quantities do not match we contact the supplier to send the correct part.

After the incoming inspection we put the parts in a tray reserved for a specific manufacturing order. 

Next to the on demand parts, we also collect the PCB’s, the stencils, and customer supplied parts in the same tray. 

eC-stock parts and generic parts are added to the job at the moment kitting starts. These components are stored on shelves in the production area, or in our Mycronic storage towers. 

Our Mycronic storage towers can  store reels from 7 to 13 inches. Parts from the towers are retrieved automatically by calling the MPN  number at the moment the part needs to be kitted in the feeders.

When all components for a job are available, the job tray moves to the production floor for kitting.